Betfury Trading Competition

BetFury Trading Competition


Final Results
0x339d...445A5.9M BFG()75 trades
0xDa6F...63bc9.9M BFG()87 trades
0x1832...9fd51.8M BFG()76 trades

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Rules & Prizes

CoinBrain & BetFury are joining their forces to bring you the first ever trading competition on CoinBrain! Show us your trading skills and compete in the battle for mindblowing rewards!

Anybody who buy or sell BFG Token between Aug 29 13:00 UTC – Sept 4 13:00 UTC is eligible for the competition. The more you trade with a BFG token, the more likely you are to win the competition.

There is in total 270,000 BFG ($5,000) in the prize pool! It will be split between TOP 30 most active traders (based on traded volume) in a following way:

Final Rank
81,000 BFG
50,000 BFG
25,000 BFG
4 - 10
10,000 BFG each
11 - 20
4,000 BFG each
21 - 30
2,000 BFG each

The rewards will be distributed directly on participants address within 24 hours after the end of the Competition, on Sept 5, 2022.

Terms & Conditions

  • All the rewards will be distributed and credited to your competition balance after the end of the tournament.
  • Trading volume includes both buys and sells with BFG tokens during the competition.
  • A total of $5 000 in BFG is allocated for the BFG Trading Competition. This amount will be used for distributing BFG tokens among winners.
  • All the rewards will be credited to the winners in BFG tokens.
  • CoinBrain reserves the right to disqualify trades that display self-dealing or market manipulation attributes.
  • CoinBrain reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at its sole discretion.

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