Dev Tools

Building the future of web 3.0? CoinBrain dev tools have all the bricks and mortar to construct your dream website! Check out our no-code embed widgets, advanced APIs and chatbots, and get ready to shine! We're supporting all major blockchains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, XRP Ledger, Base, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism, Fantom, PulseChain, Celo, Aurora, Blast, and ZKsync

Embed Widgets

Widgets are the perfect solution for small and less technical teams. They are always live, fully customisable and ready to use within seconds on your website.

Trade WidgetTrade Widget
Trade Widget

Seamless swapping experience for your users right from your site.

Price Chart + TradesPrice Chart + Trades
Price Chart + Trades

Price chart and/or trade history widgets with realtime update.

Currency ConverterCurrency Converter
Currency Converter

Convert coins to the most popular fiat currencies right on your web.

Coin TickerCoin Ticker
Coin Ticker

Simple ticker with basic market info. Perfect for landing pages.

Lite ProfileLite Profile
Lite Profile

Up to date coin overview with simplified chart and basic info.


Track your coin directly from your Telegram or Discord group. Our easy-to-use price bots can provide you with all important market stats such as coin's price, market cap, volume and more.

Telegram Price BotTelegram Price Bot
Telegram Price Bot

All important info regarding your token in your Telegram group!

Discord Price BotDiscord Price Bot
Discord Price Bot

Always up-to-date info about your token on your Discord channel.

Public API

With CoinBrain's application programming interface (API) you can access data from more than 3 000 000 tokens with no friction so you can fully focus on building your apps.

Coin Info

Returns all important information based on contract address.

Trade History

Obtaining the live trades data of each and every coin.

Contact Us

Do you have some questions regarding our widgets, APIs, and Chatbots or just wanna say hi? Don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or join our Telegram group! We're also happy to retweet your CoinBrain implementation announcements on our X page!