Wallet Approvals Checker

Make sure your wallet's token allowance for BNB & Ethereum chains is revoked. Don't let anyone spend your money without your permission.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is token allowance?

Token Allowance is an important function of the Ethereum, BSC, and other chain's tokens. When dApps or DEXs want to access your funds or to manipulate with them, it's necessary to ask for a “allowance” (or access permissions). Thanks to that, they can carry out operations autonomously and securely without knowing your private keys or asking you to transfer the funds manually. This function is quite common in the DeFi world.

Why is unlimited allowance harmful?

As we described earlier, the access permission allow dApps to manipulate your tokens. The best practice is to ask for permission on the amount which you actually need to transfer. However, for the sake of better user experience, some of the dApps are asking for so called “unlimited approvals” which effectively allow them anytime withdraw all your funds without requesting any further approvals. At the moment, there is no concept of expiring approvals. It means that if you give an umlimited access to a certain dApp, it remains approved forever.

How do I revoke approvals?

We're here to help! Simply paste your wallet address to the input above, select the chain which you're using and hit the “Check Approvals”. Our system will scan your wallet address and immediately tell you which dApps have set approval and how much funds you could potentially lose. Then you can decide which of them you trust and revoke access for the remaining services. Since token approvals are done on-chain, revoking the approval must be done on-chain as well. Unfortunately, it means that you need to pay gas fees for each revocation.