Brains of Crypto: Making Crypto Gambling Fun and Safe with BetFury

January 03, 2023
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With Michael, the head of Business Development at BetFury, we discuss BetFury's innovative features and its success in the crypto gambling scene. Get an inside look into the world of crypto gaming!

BetFury is a new and innovative online gambling platform that has taken the world of online gaming by storm. This platform offers a wide range of  own-developed games, great features and its own internal BFG token that make it one of the most attractive and user-friendly platforms in the industry. 

It is my pleasure to sit down with Michael, the head of Business development at BetFury. Michael is the driving force behind this innovative gaming platform, which has revolutionized the online gambling industry. We will be discussing BetFury's success, its unique features, and what makes it stand out from the competition. So let's get started!

Let’s start easy, what is your favorite game on BetFury and why? 

First of all, thank you for having me, it’s a pleasure to talk to you. About the games, it’s a tough question to answer. Well, as for me - it’s definitely CoinFlip. I used to play with a coin when I was a child and now I still can play with a coin and win crypto for that. They never paid me in my childhood xD. 

But some of you might like another type of game. We have over 8000 games on BetFury, including our own in-house games like Dice, Plinko, Hilo, CoinFlip, Fury Wild and more. As well we have a huge variety of slots from the top providers. We have also Live and Table games for Baccarat and BlackJack lovers. Also, a very important part of BetFury is Sports Betting, so any of you can support your favourite team. Btw I have been supporting Argentina since the group stage, so my bets gave me profit :)

What makes BetFury stand out among other gambling sites?

The BetFury team has united crypto-enthusiasts from all over the world. All of its members are bound up in the idea of developing i-Gaming and making users' experiences unforgettable.

The team is interested in creating a bigger, profitable, successful, and enjoyable platform for everyone by using the full capabilities of blockchain development in order to provide several advantages: scaling of the platform, minimal commission, instant transactions, and broad token usage options. We value our users most of all, so we offer a lot of activities on the platform for everyone.

What features of BetFury do you think are the most innovative?

As I’ve said, we have a lot of features for every type of user, investor or gamer. 
BetFury has a wide range of opportunities, which makes us unique. We provide 

  • Safe & fair iGaming
  • Bonus Pack for newcomers
  • Own developed In-house games
  • 8 000+ Slots from Top providers
  • Jackpots
  • Multichain crypto support
  • BFG tokens mining by playing
  • Stable daily Staking payouts in BTC, BNB, ETH, TRX, USDT or BFG
  • Bonuses: Cashback, Rakeback, FuryCharge
  • Free-to-Play activities
  • Free BTC every 60 minutes (BetFury Boxes)
  • Rank VIP system
  • Huge international community (about 250K users)
  • Friendly customer care 24/7 + VIP host
  • Sports Betting
  • Well-known partners

These and many more features we have on the platform makes us unique and provides cool experiences for our users.

How do you adapt BetFury to the ever-changing cryptocurrency landscape?

The BetFury ecosystem facilitates interaction with the BFG token itself and goes far beyond it. The expanding range of applications for tokens, combined with a reduction in the total number of tokens through the burning procedure, results in an increase in the value of BFG for platform users and other holders.

BFG holders are free to choose what to do with their tokens. They can use BFG to participate in games, staking, mine the token, trade and farm on external platforms, receive cashback and use the token to vote. These and other opportunities of BFG are revealed in the following sections.

Also BetFury users can increase the amount of cryptocurrency in their wallet not only through purchases, exchanges or winnings in in-house games; but also by using the set of tools which the platform provides for multiplying savings. Mining and staking are fundamental (basic) capabilities that allow you to increase the number of tokens in your wallet every month without laborious work or complicated calculations.

How is BetFury standing in current bear market?

We have a lot of loyal users since 2019 and they already have doubled their investment despite the market situation. All of the serious projects are continuing development and scaling their projects even on the bear market, and so do we. 

The most important thing is communication with the community. We are always in touch with them, so I believe this is one of our advantages. We have strong and interactive social media, which is much better, compared to our competitors. 

As well our Staking opportunity is a hallmark of our project - hold 1 crypto to get 5 - have you ever seen something like this before? 

The fact is that our competitors are both fiat gaming platforms and crypto gaming - we offer crypto solutions only, which make it safer and faster.

And a very important advantage  - this is our internal BFG Token. Even on this bear market, we stay safe & sound. BFG Token has so many utilities and holders which make us more competitive then others.
Btw don’t forget to join our social media:

What do you think is the most important success factor for crypto games?

The number one factor that determines the success of crypto games is its community. All chart-topping play-to-earn games have mastered the art of community building and have loyal players who support the project. BetFury has a super friendly and growing community with fun and smart people in there. BetFury can speak many languages with it’s own communities. Also we have the main English chat, which is the most active. If you want to talk to the people who share your vision of gaming - you can join our chat and talk to them.

Second and very important factor is safety and fairness. Here on BetFury we care of users experience, so we developed safe & fair space for our users. The provably fair principle is based on SHA256 technology the same as Bitcoin. The procedure of checking bet results allows you to verify the fairness of each bet. 

Also our developers created a lot of powerful shields, so none of the hackers could steal your funds.Third factor is keeping users interest. We always develop new games, do the rebranding of already existing games, we have Battles where users can play against each other and win huge prize pool, also we do a lot of activities. For example we have ongoing Christmas event for $1,200,000 prize pool. It’s huge, isn’t it? Also we have the highest RTP on the market - 99.02%

How do you think the crypto gambling industry will evolve in the future?

It already does with the crypto:) 

As any industry, we are evolving too. We have to be flexible and react as soon as possible to any new trends, to any market changes, to any needs of our users. The most important is to see what is your users talking about your product. What they like and what they don’t. Crypto is still very young, if we can say this, but it has a lot of potential to develop and to solve the modern problems.

The problem we solve - is providing safe and anonymous entertainment platform with easy to enter system. Every user can play for free and win real crypto for that. We have huge amount of games, so everyone will find his favourite game. 

What trends/technologies do you see emerging in the crypto gambling industry?

The gaming and gambling industry has showcased tremendous transformations over the last few decades, including remarkable technological advancements - the latter promises many significant trends to transform and redefine new areas within the massive gambling industry. 

So basically the first trend is crypto. Yes, it’s a huge part of our daily routine but it’s still a trend, because it’s evolving, it’s creating new usecases and solve many more problems. We already talked about this.

Also we should understand which year we live on. People does not have time to sit and play with their laptops, so we have to be optimized for the mobile platforms, which we successfully did and keep developing to make it smoother and better. Devices are evolving so who knows, maybe we will see BetFury on the smart watches :)

Recently the World Cup has passed, so we also understand a huge importance of the Sports betting industry, which we cover in full as well.

We could talk hours about trends and technologies, but it always should be users centrified, so it would be fun, easy and safe.

What do you think must change about the web3 applications to attract more mainstream users?

It is very important to attract new users to the crypto world and we have to use all of the resources available for that. BetFury has it’s own way of new users attraction. We do learn2earn campaigns with our partners, we go to offline conferences as sponsors or exhibitors, we do a lot of videos which explain BetFury to a newcomers. For sure all of the projects have to be easy to enter for the new users, probably some gamified way to learn more about the platform etc.

Basically my main idea is to simplify the UX for the newcomers.

What are some other web3 apps which you find fun to use?

I like a lot of them. Basically all of the BetFury partners (including CoinBrain) are my favourite applications, because when I do my research I try to understand the partner’s project as good as I can, so I can’t say I have my favourite through all of them. There’s so many different projects with different problems solving that I’d like to use them in my daily life, which I actually do.

Disclaimer: The content of this piece reflects the writer's opinion. This article is not intended to provide financial advice and is meant solely for entertainment and educational purposes. Investing in cryptocurrency involves significant risk. Capital is at risk, and returns are not guaranteed. Always conduct your own research.

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