CoinBrain supports Ethereum Tokens

December 06, 2022
Announcement, Ethereum, BNB Chain

Discover, analyze and Trade new Ethereum coins with ease using CoinBrain's powerful filtering and search engine, combined with off-chain data for a holistic picture.

We’re super excited to announce that since today, CoinBrain is officially supporting the Ethereum chain. In shortcut, it means that now you can use all our analytics and trading tools (which you’re used to using on the BNB chain) and also on Ethereum.

So what it means for you?

Discover New Ethereum Coins with Ease

We know how hard it is to navigate in the flood of all existing Ethereum coins. Based on our latest data, there are more than 400.000 of them. 🀯 That’s why we’re bringing our powerful filtering and search engine to Ethereum!

Easily filter the tokens by market cap, 24h volume/trades and liquidity to make sure that you only invest in viable coins which reflect your investment profile. Or, search coins with a specific name to capture the current narrative.

We Cover Your Back on Ethereum

We’ve teamed up with the industry leader GoPlus to bring you our popular safety check also on the Ethereum chain. We’re automatically scanning contracts of all Ethereum coins and providing you with an easy-to-understand safety check of the most common scam patterns such as honeypot, blacklisting, and tax manipulation,…

On-chain & Off-chain Data for Holistic Picture

We’re combining both on-chain data (such as price, market cap, volume, etc.) with off-chain data (like Twitter follower base, Telegram members, website traffic etc.) to make sure you have a full holistic picture of what’s going on with your favourite coins. Community engagement and traction is as important as the token’s volume.

Fastest, Safest and Cheapest Swap

We’ve teamed up with to bring you their industry leading DEX aggregator right on CoinBrain. It means that if you trade on CoinBrain, we’ll automatically find you the best price and the fastest route out of all existing DEXes” On top of that, we’re scanning each token, which you’re able to trade, to detect potentially malicious code.

Keep Your Funds Safe

CoinBrain doesn’t hold any of your funds and also doesn’t have access to them! We’re only a blockchain/DEX observer. Thanks to that, we can easily see all your token allowances and warn you if there are some potentially harmful ones. With our Wallet Approvals Checker, you can be sure, that nobody can spend your money without your permission.

PS: We’re not stopping with Ethereum. Talk to you soon again! 😏

Disclaimer: The content of this piece reflects the writer's opinion. This article is not intended to provide financial advice and is meant solely for entertainment and educational purposes. Investing in cryptocurrency involves significant risk. Capital is at risk, and returns are not guaranteed. Always conduct your own research.

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