Prop Trading Reimagined: Billions Club Finally Opening to the Public

Daniel Urbánek
Daniel Urbánek
July 18, 2023
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After their successful closed beta, the crypto-friendly prop trading firm Billions Club is now opening to the public with more than 20 000 users on the waiting list.

In the landscape of prop trading, a new platform emerges today – Billions Club. This Emirates-based prop trading firm exits its beta stage today and makes its official debut to the general public. Billions Club will offer a distinctive approach to the industry, such as 90% profit split, exclusive trading education, and an experienced trader community. In this article, we explore Billions Club's approach to prop trading, its features, and whether it could be the right partner for your journey.


  • Billions Club, an innovative prop trading firm, officially launches on July 18, 2023, offering an attractive 90/10 profit split and covering losses for traders.
  • It is one of the most crypto-friendly prop trading platforms, offering a vast selection of over 100 financial instruments, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, and forex.
  • The Billions Academy provides an education platform with in-house created content and live trading sessions. The platform caters to traders of all experience levels.
  • Billions Club Discord community server offers trade tips, market analysis, real-time market commentary, and weekly calls for traders.

New Player on the Prop Trading Market

The prop trading market is enjoying a steady increase in popularity during the last few years. This is partially due to the top-notch services that customers are receiving in this industry. In order to succeed in this highly competitive market, prop trading firms must be flexible, transparent, and innovative. No easy task for a newcomer, that's for sure!

Let's have a look at how Billions Club, our newest addition to the market, will cope with these challenges. Ultimately we will decide whether Billions Club can offer enough value to support your trading journey.

Is Prop Trading Right for You?

The beauty of prop trading lies in its mutually beneficial arrangement. Prop firms like Billions Club provide extensive capital to skilled traders, who then operate with this capital to generate profits. This arrangement is particularly favorable for traders who may not have enough capital at their disposal but have the requisite trading skills. On the flip side, prop firms also benefit from the profits generated by these traders.

What You Can Do with Billions Club

Billions Club is a prop trading firm, which means that it allows skilled traders to access much larger capital than they would have on their own. This process is facilitated through a funded virtual trading account, where traders make orders based on their best judgment and strategy. If their efforts are successful, they can keep a share of the profits made with the firm's capital.

What sets Billions Club apart is its trader-centric approach. While most prop trading firms charge high commissions, Billions Club allows traders to retain a staggering 90% of their profits and provides coverage for losses. This favorable split starts from day one, providing a stress-free experience for all traders.

Moreover, Billions Club offers access to over 100 financial instruments, including currency pairs, selected stocks, and even cryptocurrencies. Traders can unlock access to a larger pool of funds by proving their skills in the Billions Club Trading Challenge, providing an opportunity to manage substantial virtual capital.

How to Join the Club - the Evaluation Process

Joining the Billions Club is a unique process designed to assess a trader's skill level. New members participate in the Billions Club Trading Challenge as part of the Assessment Program, which offers an opportunity to manage larger pools of trading capital. Successful completion of the program could result in funding between $5,000 to $100,000 based on the challenge chosen.

  1. Purchase a Trading Challenge - The first step in joining Billions Club is purchasing the Trading Challenge. This Trading Challenge comes with a simulated account filled with virtual money for traders to use. The cost of the challenge ranges from $49 for a $5k account, all the way up to $529 for a $100k account.
  2. Prove Your Trading Skills - After purchasing the Trading Challenge, participants enter into a no limit testing phase where they showcase their trading prowess and consistency. This challenge ensures that only skilled traders with a proven track record of consistency gain access to the firm's funds.
  3. Become a Funded Trader - Successful participants in the Trading Challenge are offered a spot in the Billions Club. They get the unique opportunity to manage a larger pool of capital and start earning real profits. And here's the best part: the fees paid for the challenge are fully refundable once the challenge is successfully completed.
  4. Hone Your Skills - Joining the Billions Club isn’t the end of the journey. The club encourages all its members to continually improve their skills and trading strategies. To this end, members have free access to the Billions Academy, a comprehensive hub filled with educational resources and live trading sessions guided by top-class coaches.

Educational Content and Coaching - Billions Academy

It is in the interest of prop trading firms that their traders achieve the best performance on the market. How do you ensure this you ask? There is a variety of ways, but one of them works especially well - education!

That is why Billions Club established its trading educational platform “Billions Academy”. Through it, traders can access top-notch original content that will guide them on their journey and help them grow.

The following aspects are worth keeping an eye on:

In-House Educational Content - The core of the Billions Academy is its vast repository of educational content. This content, created by experienced professionals, is aimed at providing traders with a deep understanding of trading dynamics. Regardless of whether a trader is a novice or seasoned, the Academy has resources to cater to a spectrum of expertise levels.

Interactive Learning through Live Sessions - In addition to text-based content, the Billions Academy conducts live trading sessions. These sessions offer a real-time view of how trading decisions are made and provide a practical angle to theoretical knowledge. It's an opportunity to see trading strategies unfold in live market conditions.

Billions Community - Billions Academy isn't just about individual learning; it also promotes community interaction. The Billions Community Discord server includes everyday trading tips, real-time market commentary, and weekly calls with Billions Club members. Traders' growth is further supported by personalized mentoring and coaching programs taught by experts in the field.

The Discord server access is entirely free for the first month and then requires a subscription of $99 per month.

Customer Support - To complement its educational resources, Billions Academy provides customer support for traders. This support feature can be a handy tool for traders needing assistance or clarification on trading-related queries.

The Bottom Line - Future for Billions Club

Billions Club's innovative and user-centric approach makes it a unique entrant in the competitive world of prop trading. With an exceptionally favorable profit split, a wide range of trading assets, and a commitment to cover losses, Billions Club stands out from more established firms, offering a fresh alternative in the industry.

Despite the inherent volatility of the trading world, Billions Club, with its flexible, educational, and community-focused approach, shows great potential to become a significant player in the industry. As it officially launches on July 18, 2023, the firm will definitely become a choice to keep your eye on.

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