Redefining trading on Biswap V3: 0% fees with no slippage on limit orders

Daniel Urbánek
Daniel Urbánek
June 30, 2023
News, BNB Chain

Biswap, with its new AMM V3 protocol, provides concentrated liquidity and a 0% trading fee. Liquidity providers earn 80% from trading fees and extra profits on V3 Farms.

Biswap evolved into a DeFi ecosystem for efficient capital use due to the recently released AMM V3 protocol. Concentrated liquidity ensures a new landscape for efficient trading and liquidity supply. Traders pay 0% trading fees using limit orders and our new Auto Router. Liquidity Providers, in turn, can earn up to 80% from trading fees and extra profit on V3 Farms by staking their liquidity.

V3 solution for crypto traders: swap smart & fast 

AMM V3 ensures an enhanced exchange process and more flexible trading options for all Biswap users. New features include:

  • 0% trading fee & no slippage for limit orders - A limit order allows traders to set their own prices to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. This allows users to swap with a 0% trading fee and no slippage.
  • Auto Router - Allows you to make large trades faster with beneficial prices. This tool improves the Biswap trading engine through route optimization, utilizing all possible liquidity in the V3 and V2 protocols.
  • Less slippage for regular swaps - Concentrated liquidity reduces slippage, allocating more liquidity at specific price ranges. Biswap has created favorable conditions for liquidity providers as they directly impact the exchange operations on the platform. The more liquidity is deposited, the more efficient trading will be. 


Get Maximum From Biswap - Become a Liquidity Provider

Liquidity Providers get a lot more from the Biswap AMM upgrade. It is directed mainly to liquidity optimization which makes providing liquidity more beneficial for users.

  • 80% LP rewards - Get up to 20% higher LP rewards among V3 DEXs on BNB Smart Chain. As a Liquidity Provider, you can earn 80% LP rewards from the trading fee for each regular swap and limit order made within your pool.
  • Multiple fee tiers - Ability to choose among several fee tiers for liquidity pairs, which will be paid by users who make swaps: 0.015%, 0.08%, 0.28%, or 1%. These fee tiers correspond to the separate pools so that Liquidity Providers can customize margins and affect their earn from trading fees based on the anticipated volatility of the trading pairs.
  • Automatic participation in Farms - Farms on Biswap V3 are an extra way to profit from just one transaction. Users can save on network fees by providing liquidity into the pool with active Farm rewards.
  • Up to 4 000X capital efficiency - Choosing a specific price range for your provided liquidity can rapidly increase your capital efficiency and help you earn more fees.

How does Biswap AMM V3 work?

In line with market trends and its strategic plan, Biswap DEX has adopted the AMM V3 protocol. This move was motivated by the protocol's efficient liquidity distribution and its potential to enhance all facets of the DEX's operations. Benefits of the AMM V3 protocol include:

  • Expanding Biswap ecosystem: new investors, users, and partners
  • Gradually Increasing TVL (Total Value Locked)
  • Reducing slippage and the price impact of trades

In contrast to AMM V2, where liquidity is distributed between 0 and infinity uniformly along the price curve, AMM V3 allows Biswap Liquidity Providers to concentrate their capital on particular price intervals by setting a price range. Such a liquidity distribution approach is called concentrated liquidity. It is a much more efficient way of utilizing liquidity relative to V2, as most crypto assets usually trade within a certain price range. 

Profit from liquidity provision on Biswap

When the range set by Liquidity Provider matches or intersects the price range where most trades occur, provided liquidity brings LP rewards. When current asset prices exit the range set by the Liquidity Provider, the liquidity becomes inactive and stops bringing LP rewards. To renew the earning process, the user has to withdraw the inefficient liquidity and provide it for an appropriate price range.  

About Biswap 

Biswap DEX is a DeFi platform that offers decentralized exchange services and various revenue tools. Over the course of two years, Biswap has attracted over 2 million users, formed more than 60 collaborations, and gained recognition on the BNB Chain. The recent release of AMM V3 adds to Biswap's achievements, offering new features to its users and improving operational processes on the platform.

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