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January 09 at 18:10
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We are really excited that CoinBrain is finally joining the Optimism blockchain party and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

It’s already fifth blockchain which can be analyzed using our powerful tools and insightful charts. Earlier this month, we’ve added support to Polygon, Avalanche which joined BNB chain and Ethereum from last year.

About Optimism

Optimism is an open-source, layer-2 blockchain scaling solution designed to increase the throughput and scalability of the Ethereum mainnet. It uses an optimistic rollup technology that combines the security of the mainnet with the scalability of a sidechain. 

Optimism enables developers to deploy and interact with smart contracts that process thousands of transactions per second. It also enables the use of off-chain data, allowing developers to interact with existing web APIs and services. 

In the past months, unlike the other EVM chains, Optimism is gaining a strong momentum and it’s average number of daily transactions doubled since November 2022 to the new all time high of about 600K of transactions sent per day. Also number of registered wallet growing rapidly – now reaching almost 2.5M addresses.

Analyzing Optimism Tokens with Context

Unlike other analytics platform, CoinBrain is always trying to enable users with full holistic picture of what’s going on the blockchain and also outside of it. But let’s start from the beginning.

CoinBrain is automatically indexing all tokens on the blockchain just seconds after their deployment and never deletes them. It gives you unique opportunity to search and filter through hundreds of Optimism tokens and easily compare their features such as Liquidity, trading volume, market capitalization, etc.

An important part of the token assessment is security. Crypto is dangerous wild west with many scams. Coinbrain can help you to identify these scams by scanning the tokens and revealing the malicious patterns such as honeypots, tax scams or pausable transactions.

On top of that, you can easily find information on the social media comunities of any given token or their website traffic.

We believe that all these features make CoinBrain a perfect end-to-end analytics platform for anybody who’s trading Optimism tokens.


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