Singular Is Launching Today – What's all the hype about?

Daniel Urbánek
Daniel Urbánek
April 18, 2023
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Get an exclusive sneak peek at Singular, the innovative analytics NFT trading platform which is launching today! Backed by YCombinator from the authors of NFTScoring.

Launching today, the analytics NFT platform Singular has caused quite excitement in the last couple of weeks. Developed by the experienced team of NFTScoring and backed by the prestigious YCombinator, Singular strives to bring innovation and disruption to the NFT world. We've been lucky enough to get our hands on Singular before the launch. Read on to find out what we think!


  • Singular is an aggregating NFT platform for trading with advanced analytical tools
  • Singular was founded by two developers from Prague, eventually ending up in the prestigious YCombinator launchpad
  • So far the platform indexes the entire Ethereum network for NFTs and enables users to work with a number of customizable trading tools

How is Singular Different?

Singular is building a high-throughput Web3 NFT trading infrastructure capable of supporting large trading volumes that occur during bull markets. They offer numerous analytical and trading tools to give their users an edge in the crowded NFT industry.

The Singular platform indexes the entire Ethereum blockchain for centralized and decentralized marketplaces and translates over 90 million NFT assets into the Singular app in real-time.

From Prague to YCombinator

Singular was founded by two experienced Czech developers Adam Zvada and David Mokoš, they initially sought to create an NFT analytics platform called NFTScoring. The original platform was quite a success and attracted over 500K users during the 2021 NFT hype.

In the founders' own words, they want to take the solid infrastructure, present in traditional finance, and provide a similar one to the world of NFT trading, while keeping full decentralization.


By offering a high-quality product supported by rapid growth, the NFTScoring team managed to join the prestigious US. launchpad YCombinator, the same launchpad that helped raise big names like Reddit, AirBnB, or Twitch.

At that point, NFTScoring received massive pre-seed investment accredited to further development and acceleration of the projects. 

Singular Current Stage

In late 2022 the former NFTScoring pivoted and decided to build a whole NFT marketplace platform with integrated analytical tools. Currently, the Singular app is in a closed beta stage with only whitelisted wallets having access but is set to be launching soon.

A Closer Look at the Beta Version

At this time, only a closed beta version is available for certain users to try out. The waitlist for the Singular beta was closed around the end of March. Missed it? Don't worry, because we are bringing you an overview of what the platform looks like and what features will be available after the public launch.

The Landing Page

This is what the Singular landing page looks like. We can see that the list of NFT collections is getting the main attention. For each collection, users can find a quick summary of additional info on the right side, such as the number of listings, sales, volume, etc. Available on the top are customizable parameters of which collections will be shown on the main page.

Collection Detail and Trading Tools

Upon opening a certain collection, users are met with a full board of details (Asset Mode) and some graphical representations of those details over time. Specific pieces from the collection and their details sit on the left side with analytical tools on the right. 

Several tools and charts are available on this board, including sales tracking according to the NFT rarity, market depth, and sell/buy pressure.

This is what the board looks like after switching to the Trade Mode. The space is filled with various customizable analytical tools for NFT trading. Monitoring of the floor price, listings, price analysis, and others. 

This is quite a unique feature for Singular, as no other NFT platform offers such comprehensive tools for market analysis. Alghthout it may not be suitable for complete beginners in the field.

Listing Collections and Selling

Apart from monitoring assets from other NFT marketplaces, Singular also offers users the option to list and sell their own creations. This section serves for collection management - adding, removing, and monitoring the price.

Closing Thoughts

After some time of stagnation, NFTs are finally catching some fresh wind in terms of new technology. After the public launch, we will have a clear view of whether Singular manages to deliver all of its features at promised scale. If it does, it could make NFT analysis much more available and save many traders a lot of work.

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