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$AIDOGE is the main token of the ArbDoge ecosystem on the Arbitrum network. It offers token reflections and fixed supply, which may contribute to deflation.

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188,327T AIDOGE
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210,000T AIDOGE
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11 months ago


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169,184T AIDOGE80.56%
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192,126T AIDOGE91.49%
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Everything you need to know about ArbDoge ($AIDOGE)

ArbDoge ($AIDOGE) functions as the main token within a cyberpunk-themed ecosystem that draws inspiration from Dogecoin. The ecosystem offers various components such as an NFT collection, a staking module, and games of chance. In addition to $AIDOGE, there is another token called $AICODE, which users can acquire through staking. $AICODE can be used for purchasing NFTs and receiving rewards. ArbDoge is built on Arbitrum, which enables lower fees and faster transaction times, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the platform.

Key Points:

  • ArbDoge ($AIDOGE) is a memecoin and ecosystem on the Arbitrum network inspired by a futuristic, cyber-punk reality.
  • $AIDOGE offers deflationary mechanisms, such as fixed supply and an 8% tax on every transaction, which is later redistributed.
  • The complementary token of the ecosystem is $AICODE, which may be mined and used for claiming rewards.
  • The ecosystem also offers an NFT collection, LuckyDrop game, and staking module.

What is ArbDoge AI ($AIDOGE)?

According to the official documents, ArbDoge AI ($AIDOGE) is a deflationary cryptocurrency with a maximum supply of 210 trillion tokens. Developed on the Arbitrum network, $AIDOGE is the primary medium of exchange within its ecosystem, powering a series of applications that range from NFT creation to community-based mining. It is important to note that the project is developing a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for democratic decision-making and governance.

The ArbDoge Ecosystem

The ArbDoge ecosystem comprises various applications. It includes "Lucky Drop," an open-source airdrop game driven by algorithms, and "AICODE Mining," a community-led mining initiative that rewards users with the project's second token, $AICODE. Additionally, the ecosystem has an assortment of AI-generated NFTs, purchasable with $AICODE.

NFT Collection

ArbDoge's NFT collection, called Truth AIDOGE, offers a variety of digital art pieces, each uniquely generated by AI technology. These NFTs serve more than just aesthetic purposes. They also provide holders with access to early product releases and participation in exclusive events. Additionally, NFT holders can stake their tokens to receive a share of 50% of the collection's royalty income.

ArbDoge features a distinct futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic, incorporating elements of humanoid animals and high-tech accessories. This style permeates the entire project, adding an intriguing visual dimension to the ecosystem.


$AICODE serves as another cornerstone of the ArbDoge ecosystem. Capped at a total supply of 21 million tokens, $AICODE operates the digital world of "ArbCity." Users can acquire $AICODE through either "Burning Mining" or "Trading Mining," with the distribution process spanning ten years.

$AICODE may be used for purchasing NFTs and claiming rewards in the upcoming AIFI ecosystem.


Staking represents a key feature within the ArbDoge ecosystem. $AIDOGE token holders have the option to stake their tokens to receive passive rewards. Specifically, 0.7% of the transaction volume of each $AIDOGE transaction is distributed to those staking their tokens.


LuckyDrop is a feature within the ecosystem that offers a gaming experience with potential rewards for participants. Each $AIDOGE transaction deducts a 3% fee, which is then converted into ARB and added to a prize pool. This pool is subsequently distributed through a lucky draw ticket system.


The $AIDOGE token is central to the ArbDoge project. It is not only deflationary in nature but also integral to the functioning of the ecosystem's applications. It's important to note that an 8% tax is levied on every transaction, which is then redistributed for various purposes, including burning and rewards for stakers.


The total supply of $AIDOGE is fixed at 210 trillion tokens. This fixed supply, along with a deflationary mechanism, is aimed at enhancing the token's value over time.

$AIDOGE is primarily distributed through transaction fees and staking rewards within the ecosystem. A certain amount of tokens is also reserved for ecosystem development and for the prize pool of the LuckyDrop game.

Transaction tax:

  • 3% of the tax is added to the LuckyDrop prize pool
  • 1% is allocated for ecosystem development
  • 2.7% is distributed to $AIDOGE stakers
  • 1.3% is burned, reducing the overall supply of $AIDOGE over time

Keep in Mind

$AIDOGE is a cryptocurrency token that should be recognized as a meme coin and does not possess inherent value. It is primarily created for entertainment purposes and should be treated as such. Investing in $AIDOGE carries a substantial risk of financial loss. As with any cryptocurrency investment, it is essential to exercise caution and only invest an amount that you can afford to lose. Prior to engaging in any crypto-related activities involving $AIDOGE, it is strongly recommended to conduct thorough research and make informed decisions based on your individual circumstances.


What is the price of AIDOGE today?

One AIDOGE coin can currently be purchased for approximately $0.000000000221.

What is AIDOGE smart contract address?

AIDOGE official smart contract address is 0x09E18590E8f76b6Cf471b3cd75fE1A1a9D2B2c2b.

What is AIDOGE official website?

The official website of AIDOGE is

What is the AIDOGE Market Cap today?

AIDOGE Market Cap is $41,546,130 today.

What's the last 24h AIDOGE trading volume?

Trading volume of AIDOGE in the last 24h was $7,555.25, which is approximately 0.00% of its current market cap.

How much money is in AIDOGE Liquidity Pool?

There is $1,276,229 in - AIDOGE liquidity pools. That's approximately 3.07% of AIDOGE current Market Cap.

How many people are holding AIDOGE?

There are 266,538 holders of AIDOGE, which includes 21 large holders (wallets with more than 184,447T AIDOGE)

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