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CumRocket (CUMMIES) is a deflationary token used for purchasing adult content on their NSFW platform. Users are able to buy, sell and collect 18+ NFTs from their favorite models, as well as chat, tip, and subscribe to exclusive content.

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About CumRocket

All you need to know about CumRocket

CumRocket is a social platform for NSFW (not safe for work) built on the Binance smart chain. It utilizes blockchain technology in various ways to ensure the adult content remains safe and beneficial for both creators and consumers. CumRocket features a unique monetization system, where creators can capture value for their content using the CUMMIES token and various NFTs.

Bit of History

CumRocket was founded in April 2021 by software developer Lydia Lane, now serving as CEO. Right from its first public release, CumRocket has been invigorating the market with its bold approach to the adult industry. A wave of attention led to Forbes mentioning the project and later acquiring the popular porn star Johnny Sins as a long-term collaborator.

At this time CumRocket is a fully working platform with established and emerging artists and creators. The CUMMIES token market capitalization is around 4 million USD.

CumRocket vs OnlyFans

Both CumRocket and OnlyFans strive for a similar user base. OnlyFans is undeniably larger and has been a leading pioneer in the adult content territory. CumRocket is connecting the existing model to the web3 interface - meaning greater decentralization, privacy, and security. These principles bring many benefits to the adult industry. For example, a more decentralized system of monetization. 

On OnlyFans creators are relying on the platform for monetization, which creates an intermediary. Because CumRocket solves monetization through the CUMMIES token and NFTs it creates a more P2P ecosystem, where consumers pay directly to the creators.

For sure OnlyFans wins on the ease of use field. Being a Web2 company, no special knowledge is required, but when using CumRocket, some level of crypto skills is expected. Such as using a cryptocurrency wallet or acquiring some BNB for the transaction fees.

CUMMIES Tokenomics

CumRocket introduces its native token CUMMIES. This token is used to pay the creators for their content in form of tips or NFTs.

CUMMIES has an implicit deflationary mechanism - for every sale of the token, there is a fee of 10 %. Half of the collected fees are redistributed to the token holders. Just for holding CUMMIES users get a share of the overall fees. The other half is burned, meaning removed from circulation and therefore increasing the price of the remaining tokens.

Platform features

CumRocket offers a number of benefits for both creators and fans alike. For creators, CumRocekt provides a platform free of chargebacks, blacklisting, and financial discrimination, with no restrictions from processors. The platform offers lower fees, instant payouts, and no minimum payout, allowing creators to build a strong community and monetize their content in multiple ways. Creators also have complete control over their assets.

NSFW NFT Marketplace

NFT marketplaces are essentially online venues that provide a space for the exchange of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These tokens serve as proof of ownership for a particular piece of digital content, such as a work of art, audio track, or video clip. NFTs are securely recorded on a blockchain, which offers a clear and secure record of their ownership history.

NSFW NFTs, which you can find on CumRocket are a group of non-fungible tokens that carry adult content. Creators may release their content in the form of a tradable NFT. This system allows for efficient monetization, as consumers may buy the NFTs directly to support their favorite creators. The NFT price is usually denominated in CUMMIES, but can be bought in other currencies as well. However, buying in other currencies will result in higher fees.

Creating content on CumRocket

To become a creator on CumRocket, users must first fill out an application form. This form follows a standard KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure. Once the application is confirmed, creators may start posting content.

There are various ways in which consumers may interact with creators. The purchase of NFTs as mentioned before is one of them. Further possibilities include a subscription to exclusive content, messaging, and tipping. All gained profit is transferred directly to the creator's wallet, without any payout period.

From a consumer's POV

Thanks to blockchain, the CumRocket platform offers increased privacy when purchasing content. Users may sign in through a cryptocurrency wallet such as Metamask, without filling in any additional information.

In order to interact with the platform, it is necessary to obtain the CUMMIES token. This can be done for example through the CUMMIES/BNB pair on Pancake Swap. After that users may start supporting their favorite creators by subscribing to exclusive content or purchasing NFTs.

Key Takeaways:

  • CumRocket is an adult content Web3 platform similar to OnlyFans, aiming to democratize sex work
  • The native token CUMMIES is used to purchase content and support creators
  • Creators can monetize their content by NFTs, subscriptions, or receiving tips
  • Users can support creators more directly without an intermediary
  • CumRocket features a unique NSFW NFT marketplace


What is the price of CumRocket today?

One CumRocket coin can currently be purchased for approximately $0.0070.

What is CumRocket smart contract address?

CumRocket official smart contract address is 0x27Ae27110350B98d564b9A3eeD31bAeBc82d878d.

What is CumRocket official website?

The official website of CumRocket is

What is the CumRocket Market Cap today?

CumRocket Market Cap is $9,679,240 today.

What's the last 24h CumRocket trading volume?

Trading volume of CumRocket in the last 24h was $173,476, which is approximately 1.80% of its current market cap. That means CumRocket has had relatively low trading activity in the past day.

How much money is in CumRocket Liquidity Pool?

There is $456,804 in - CumRocket liquidity pools. That's approximately 4.72% of CumRocket current Market Cap.

How many members does the CumRocket Telegram channel have?

CumRocket has 9,567 members on the @cumrocket Telegram channel, which is 5.90% more than 30 days ago.

How many subscribers are there on CumRocket Reddit?

CumRocket has 11,688 subscribers on /r/cumrocket subreddit, which is 0.00% more than 30 days ago.

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