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We upgrade Salmonchain to become a blockchain that offers more high-speed transactions, “BeOneChain” (ORC-Network) $BOC (coin)

. Upgrading the blockchain is necessary for fulfilling the demand of the market to use a more reliable network to support financial, games, metaverse, and data transactions. In a secure, fast, and sustainable manner With an average Transaction Per second from 1 to 30,000 TPS, we believe the Be-One blockchain feature can be adopted by developers who want to build a project that needs a fast, secure, and reliable network. Be-One also supports tokens orc-20, orc-721, and orc-1155

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About Salmonation

Hello, welcome to salmonation ( SUI ).
Introduce, I'm salmon.
Founder and CEO of Salmonation Project.
Thank you for the opportunity given to be able to tell the history of the founding of Salmonation.
I will tell you everything, starting from the idea that underlies the creation of this project until today, the formation of a blockchain called BeOneChain.


The role of information technology is a must-apply for companies, which makes them depend on a good and effective information technology system. Companies make information an invaluable resource for planning and avoiding risk, which is also essential for the business's continued success.
In the latest developments, blockchain technology, with its features guaranteeing data security and privacy, has now begun to be adopted into the information technology and business management industry. Meanwhile, a few software development companies still focus on the market segment in this field.
PT. Salmonation Untuk Indonesia sees this phenomenon as an opportunity to build a company focusing on market segments in blockchain-powered information technology. With only a small number of companies engaged in this field, we have more significant opportunities to develop management and human resources managed professionally.
With our presence in this sector, we are confident that we can meet market needs in facilitating and expanding the scale of human activity, including economic, social, cultural, and other activities.
Optimizing blockchain technology, web3, and Dapp will be our competitive advantage in the global market. The development of DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, Lending, Bonding, and others will also open up new jobs and professionals in their fields.


To solve this problem, I built a team of 3 people in early 2019. Market conditions regarding blockchain technology literacy are minimal in Indonesia, so I had to begin by strictly selecting a team for this development.
We will shape several ideas to play a role in this blockchain industry. Like metaverse, game fi. with the project name "salmoon token," will develop a marketplace ecosystem, games, by following safemoon's footsteps at that time.
The problem at that time was that we still needed to find an example to study in integrating the wallet with the game because the web3 technology limited the information we got. so we canceled the salmon token project.
I researched the constraints that occur around the market in Indonesia, with the background that I wrote earlier, then I decided to build a blockchain; why did I choose a blockchain? Because blockchain is a solution to all the problems today in Indonesia regarding transaction transparency, security of information/data storage, prevention of data changes, the accuracy of information data, distribution, and speed of service or transaction.
Deeper into this blockchain, I found things that are extremely useful for people in Indonesia. Need a repository of information and access to information for the people from the westernmost island of Indonesia (Sabang) to the easternmost island of Indonesia (Merauke). with the geographical location of the islands and the widespread population between islands.
This blockchain-based information repository will help the flow of information about the constraints or conditions of each province/city spread throughout Indonesia. It can assist the government in making the right decisions for the country I love, Indonesia.
Besides its function as information distribution, I see more opportunities from the economic, cultural, social, political, security, and defense sectors where Indonesia has thousands of cultures, hundreds of tribes, the spread of diverse cultural heritage, vast oceans, limited or unlimited natural wealth such as minerals, tourism, and others that I cannot mention one by one.
With the results of my research, I have to make blockchain my main product for me to create.
Then I started doing additional recruitment to build this blockchain project. And found one expert in this technology who has created blockchain since 2014 and asked not to be named.
These experts listen to what I have to say and what I want and do for Indonesia. It is helpful to have a good impact on all Indonesian people.
Long story short, with directions from this expert. We can create a blockchain called salmonchain (SRC Network). with EVM compatibility.
I launched Salmonation on March 17, 2022. At launch, we establish a private salmonchain testnet. You can see from the initial evidence of chat on our telegram or our social media.
Before running this project, I prepared an annual roadmap, which has ended, and we have reannounced the roadmap for 2023 in the future.
Salmonation is a community-based project I created before. Where I became a teacher, sharing experiences from what I did with the public. My concept is straightforward because Indonesia still needs an adequate education and adoption community forum. So we made, which was previously ( hijacked by one of our employees ).
From this community-based salmonation, I broadcast to the public that the blockchain we make comes from the community because we need more public trust in the marketing world. To get it, you have to be able to make the holders proud of themselves so that they can assist in disseminating information about this product.
Why do I do that? Because of my limited funds in supporting this project. Even though I started as a businessman, I know that building this blockchain is not just about the product; the challenge I face is adoption. And an adoption, there must be a practice. To make people feel the results, I must create this blockchain infrastructure from education, wallet, dex, nft marketplace, and launchpad. So it will cost a substantial amount of money.

Why can't I do public funding as other developers do?

Because I understand that the tokenomics of a project is very important, in compiling a tokenomic, I plan the budgeting of project development plans, including financing for marketing, operations, employee salaries, building leases, and others.

So I decided to do a fair launch by investing business capital into the pancakeswap liquidity pool of 250bnb, valued at $100,000. At that time, compared to a 50% supply of 50,000,000 SUI tokens. I will save the remaining 50%, as much as 50,000,000 SUI, for liquidity purposes which I will lock in our DEX in our Blockchain network. So that it will make temporary circulation remain at the amount of 50,000,000 supply. It will be enough to build public trust in transactions because the transaction value is affordable and affordable.

Is everything running smoothly?

No, because it turns out that one of my development team's credibility, selfishness, and greed did something dishonest by selling the blockchain source code we built. I created a new blockchain that is better than salmonchain (SRC Network). Become Namely by creating the BeOneChain (ORC Network) with a compatible EVM.
The difference is in the speed of the final transaction, which only takes 0.2ms - 1s for Each transaction. We developed without a framework, just like other blockchains designed to increase the speed of transactions and information transmission.
By not using a framework, our blockchain is lighter. It consumes less energy than other blockchains to achieve transaction speeds like ours.
We were looking at the competitive market competition in the metaverse games. Different from how many blockchains rely on and promote TPS. We compete in TTF ( Time To Finality ) like Fantom Opera. It demands a blockchain that provides a more stable speed in each activity and will bring comfy gameplay.
Long story short, we decided to change our blockchain product from salmonchain to beonechain, to maintain public trust in the credibility and ability of the salmonation team in its originality as a blockchain developer and, indeed, the creator of the blockchain itself.

Future Plans

Our vision is to build a sustainable ecosystem integrated into our blockchain network, which can benefit many people.
Our mission:
1. create a place to be creative in this world of blockchain technology.
2. Creating quality human resources
3. create and develop a community for the future of this ecosystem.
From this vision and mission, we have a project achievement target within our blockchain ecosystem, infrastructure, and others.
Each of the project got their own roadmap such as :
1.     FunDEX
2.     CityQuest ( MMPORG )
3.     NFT Marketplace
4.     Tourism Dapps
5.     Launchpad (smartway)
6.     OneScan ( explorer )
7.     OneWallet.

End of story

We are still working on getting cooperation with web2 technology development companies and approaching the Indonesian government to provide information and adopt this technology.
My activities for more than one year of sharing, attending seminars, being a speaker, leading communities, and leading developer associations in Indonesia can be through my social media or our web news portal at
That's enough for the information I gave. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with me at su[email protected] or my personal email [email protected]
Thanks for taking the time to read.
Salmon - CEO of Salmonation.


What is the price of Salmonation today?

One Salmonation coin can currently be purchased for approximately $0.0036.

What is Salmonation smart contract address?

Salmonation official smart contract address is 0x4841181Ae4079072EbE83a29B718388a387169E3.

What is Salmonation official website?

The official website of Salmonation is

What is the Salmonation Market Cap today?

Salmonation Market Cap is $181,968 today.

What's the last 24h Salmonation trading volume?

Trading volume of Salmonation in the last 24h was $31.2517, which is approximately 0.00% of its current market cap.

How much money is in Salmonation Liquidity Pool?

There is $100,148 in - Salmonation liquidity pools. That's approximately 55.04% of Salmonation current Market Cap.

How many people are holding Salmonation?

There are 2,075 holders of Salmonation, which includes 24 large holders (wallets with more than 89M SUI)

How many followers does Salmonation have on Twitter?

9,290 people are following the Salmonation Twitter account @du_ekz, which is 0.36% less than 30 days ago.

1,888 people are following the Salmonation Twitter account @thesalmonation, which is 0.32% less than 30 days ago.

How many members does the Salmonation Telegram channel have?

Salmonation has 6,942 members on the @salmonation Telegram channel, which is 152.34% more than 30 days ago.

Salmonation has 442 members on the @salmonationchannel Telegram channel, which is 2.00% less than 30 days ago.

Salmonation has 809 members on the @salmonnationglobal Telegram channel, which is 12.26% less than 30 days ago.

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