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Milady Token ($LADYS) is a unique memecoin directly inspired by the popular 'Milady Maker' NFT collection.

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About Milady

Everything You Need to Know about Milady Token ($LADYS)

Milady Token ($LADYS) is a unique memecoin directly inspired by the popular 'Milady Maker' NFT collection. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the $LADYS token, its tokenomics, future plans, and its affiliation with the Milady Maker NFT collection.

Key Points:

  • $LADYS is a memecoin inspired by the 'Milady Maker' NFT collection, aiming to serve as a self-organized community token.
  • The tokenomics of $LADYS ensures fair distribution with 94% of tokens allocated to the liquidity pool. LP tokens locked indefinitely, preventing rugpulls.
  • Holders of Milady Maker NFTs and $PEPE tokens are eligible for the $LADYS airdrop.
  • The roadmap for $LADYS is set out in three phases including listings, community partnerships, product launches, and a goal of achieving over 100,000 token holders.

What is the $LADYS token

$LADYS is a memecoin inspired by the NFT collection 'Milady Maker'. This collection consists of 10,000 generative profile picture (PFP) NFTs in a neochibi aesthetic inspired by street-style tribes. 

Milady Maker NFT Collection

The Milady Maker NFT collection, from which the $LADYS token derives its inspiration, features 10,000 generative profile picture NFTs.

These unique digital assets are visually inspired by street-style tribes and can be purchased on the secondary market on OpenSea. The NFTs are not just pieces of art, but they also signify the token holder's NFT ownership, which can be displayed on social media profiles.

$LADYS Tokenomics

The tokenomics of $LADYS is structured to promote fair distribution and liquidity. The majority (94%) of the tokens are allocated to the liquidity pool. The liquidity pool tokens were burnt, and the contract renounced. As a reward, 1% of the total supply was distributed by airdrop to $PEPE and Milady NFT holders.

The remaining 5% of the supply is held in a multi-sig wallet, reserved for future centralized exchange listings, bridges, and liquidity pools. This wallet is trackable with the ENS name “miladymeme.eth”.

In Points

  • Liquidity pool on Uniswap (LADYS:WETH) with locked liquidity: 94%
  • Ecosystem, CEX listings, marketing: 5%
  • Milady NFT and $PEPE holders airdrop: 1%
  • Total supply: 888 trillion $LADYS

Future Plans for $LADYS

The roadmap for $LADYS includes three phases:

  • Phase 1: Launch, CoinGecko/CoinMarketCap listings, achieving 1,000+ holders, and getting $LADYS trending on Twitter.
  • Phase 2: Community partnerships, launching the Milady Times digital newsletter, creating a token-gated discord group, establishing the Milady Palace for holders, and Centralized Exchange (CEX) listings for 10,000+ holders.
  • Phase 3: Launching Milady merchandise and Milady Academy, developing Milady Tools, listing on Tier 1 exchanges, and aiming for 100,000+ token holders.

Keep In Mind

While the $LADYS token and its associated NFT collection offer a unique take on the memecoin and digital art phenomena, potential investors should perform their own due diligence. 

As with any cryptocurrency investment, there is a risk involved, and the value of the tokens can fluctuate. Please ensure you understand the project, its tokenomics, and future plans before investing.


What is the price of Milady today?

One Milady coin can currently be purchased for approximately $0.000000176363.

What is Milady smart contract address?

Milady official smart contract address is 0x12970E6868f88f6557B76120662c1B3E50A646bf.

What is Milady official website?

The official website of Milady is

What is the Milady Market Cap today?

Milady Market Cap is $155,060,184 today.

What's the last 24h Milady trading volume?

Trading volume of Milady in the last 24h was $329,976, which is approximately 0.20% of its current market cap. That means Milady has had relatively low trading activity in the past day.

How much money is in Milady Liquidity Pool?

There is $3,251,873 in - Milady liquidity pools. That's approximately 2.10% of Milady current Market Cap.

How many members does the Milady Telegram channel have?

Milady has 42,643 members on the @miladymemecoin Telegram channel, which is 1.34% less than 30 days ago.

Milady has 71,740 members on the @miladymemecoinchannel Telegram channel, which is 1.60% more than 30 days ago.

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