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$MONG is a memecoin following the ideas of friendship, good vibes, and degenerate meme culture. It was inspired by the incoherent rambling of a certain US congressman.

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690T $MONG
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About MongCoin

Everything You Need to Know about MongCoin ($MONG)

MongCoin ($MONG) is a memecoin created as a joke based on the incoherent crypto-related speeches of the US congressman Brad Sherman. $MONG was created to spread friendship and develop the MongMob community. Additionally, $MONG serves as a reward for the MONGS NFT collection.

Key Points:

  • $MONG is a meme token created to mock the crypto-negative approach of US Congressman Brad Sherman.
  • The project promotes friendship and good vibes - has locked liquidity and abstains from dishonest mechanisms.
  • MONGS NFT is a collection of pixel art mongoose creatures with various esthetic features sold on Opensea.
  • $MONG is used to develop the MongMob community and reward MONGS NFT holders.

What is the $MONG token?

The $MONG token serves as the core of the MongMob community, embodying the shared values and culture that bring its members together. Emphasizing a laid-back approach to crypto, $MONG steers clear of taxes, honeypots, and rugs, focusing solely on creating a fun and engaging experience for its users.

A US congressman Brad Sherman involuntarily provided inspiration for creating MongCoin in one of his speeches. He tried to demonstrate the absurdity of crypto by giving an example of a fictional “mongoose coin” - naturally after that statement MongCoin was created.

$MONG Tokenomics

The total supply of MongCoin is 690 trillion $MONG. The majority of the total supply (82 %) is locked in a Uniswap V2 pool with WETH, ensuring liquidity and stability for the token. Another 6.9 % is dedicated to the MONG NFT holders - possible airdrops. 

The rest of the supply is reserved for CEX listings, marketing purposes, and so on. According to the official MongCoin site, no sale taxes or other redistribution mechanisms are implemented.

In Points

  • Total supply 690 trillion $MONG
  • 82 % of the total supply locked with WETH in Uniswap pool
  • 6.9 % airdropped to MONGS NFT holders
  • The rest is reserved for CEX listings and marketing budget


MONGS are a collection of generative mongoose pixel art. Each Mong has a set of unique visual characteristics and different rarity. Initially, a number of 6969 Mongs were minted on the Ethereum mainnet. This curious number pays tribute to the fun and lightweight approach of the whole series. The initial mint was sold out in 16 minutes. Right now, Mongs can be purchased from their current owners on Opensea.

$MONG Rewards

All holders of Mongs NFT receive a reward in the form of $MONG tokens. At launch, $MONG was airdropped to NFT holders according to the current price of their NFT. Further airdrops are scheduled upon completion of the milestones that the project has set.

Future Plans

First Term

The first phase includes the launch, Coinmarketcap, and Coingecko listings. The project gained huge popularity and following on Twitter. Token-gated online communities started to emerge to incentivize more buying pressure. Collaborations with various other projects are in progress.  

Second Term

In the second stage, CEX listings are planned to further spread the availability of $MONG. The team has announced that they will even try to get an interview with Brad Sherman to honor his contribution to the project.

Keep in Mind

Please note that $MONG is a meme coin and holds no intrinsic value. It is created purely for entertainment purposes and should be treated as such. 

Investing in $MONG comes with a substantial risk of loss, and as with any cryptocurrency, never invest more than you can afford to lose. Always perform your own research and make informed decisions before participating in any crypto-related activities.


What is the price of MongCoin today?

One MongCoin coin can currently be purchased for approximately $0.000000017589.

What is MongCoin smart contract address?

MongCoin official smart contract address is 0x1ce270557C1f68Cfb577b856766310Bf8B47FD9C.

What is MongCoin official website?

The official website of MongCoin is

What is the MongCoin Market Cap today?

MongCoin Market Cap is $12,132,877 today.

What's the last 24h MongCoin trading volume?

Trading volume of MongCoin in the last 24h was $52,695.67, which is approximately 0.40% of its current market cap. That means MongCoin has had relatively low trading activity in the past day.

How much money is in MongCoin Liquidity Pool?

There is $1,060,011 in - MongCoin liquidity pools. That's approximately 8.74% of MongCoin current Market Cap.

How many members does the MongCoin Telegram channel have?

MongCoin has 11,943 members on the @mongmob Telegram channel, which is 0.84% more than 30 days ago.

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