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Blur token is the native governance token of the NFT marketplace Blur. It was released in the middle of February 2022 through the airdrop and will be used to edge the platform towards a more decentralized future.

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About Blur

Blur is a new community-driven NFT marketplace and aggregator on Ethereum that was founded by Web3 developer Pacman and launched on October 19, 2022. It introduces many new features and updates over other leading marketplaces, making the NFT trading experience more streamlined and intuitive. 

The platform aggregates NFT listings from leading marketplaces like OpenSea, LooksRare, and X2Y2, while also allowing users to list their assets natively on Blur. 

One of the platform's biggest selling points is its 0% fees for selling NFTs, which makes it an attractive option for traders who are looking to save on transaction fees.

About the Blur NFT Market

While platforms like OpenSea or Objkt appeal more to more casual NFT enthusiasts, Blur is meant to hook those who engage in high-volume trades with reasonable frequency. 

Ease of use is one of the critical factors for any marketplace, and Blur is no exception. Getting started on the platform is simple. Users connect their Web3 wallet (it currently supports MetaMask and WalletConnect wallets) and start exploring the various NFT collections on the site. 

Blur's interface is highly customizable, allowing users to switch between several views when looking through collections, depending on their preference. 

Unlike OpenSea, where users need to switch tabs to see sales history or other analytics, Blur displays everything on a single page, making it easier to access and compare all relevant collection data.

Lightning Speed

The platform's abundance of innovative features more than makes up for its lack of accessibility. Blur claims to run up to ten times faster than other NFT aggregators, showing pending transactions on NFTs in less than a second, and updating listings every four seconds. 

The platform's lightning-fast pending transactions display, combined with near-instant metadata updates on collection art reveals, gives Blur users a huge advantage in sniping NFTs.

Blur's gas priority presets help users outcompete those buying NFTs through other exchanges or aggregators by getting their purchase transactions processed first. The platform's contracts are also more optimized than other marketplaces, saving users up to 17% on gas fees.

Sweep the Floor

One of Blur's best features is its tools to help users "sweep the floor," or buy multiple of the lowest-priced NFTs from a given collection. All collections feature a floor depth chart showing how many NFTs are listed at various intervals above the floor, helping prospective sweepers visualize how their purchases will impact the market. 

Sweeping on Blur also includes a couple of important quality-of-life updates, such as skipping NFTs that already have pending transactions and skipping over NFTs marked as suspicious or stolen. 

When it comes to reselling those swept NFTs, Blur has users covered with its gas-optimized bulk listing and delisting functions.

Blur Airdrop

After much anticipation, Blur’s native token, $BLUR, has finally been launched in the middle of February 2023. It is an ERC-20 governance token that will have a maximum supply of three billion. 

Airdrop #1

Users have been collecting $BLUR in the form of airdrops from the platform over the last few months. The first airdrop rewarded those who “stuck around in the bear market,” i.e., anyone who traded NFTs on Ethereum in the six months before Blur’s October launch.

Airdrop #2

The second consisted of $BLUR care packages for platform users who listed NFTs on Blur from October 19 to December 5. The third was aimed at traders who placed bids on Blur and was the largest of the three airdrops.

Blur Token Utility

$BLUR will be used as the marketplace’s governance token, allowing the platform to edge its way toward a more decentralized future. Blur is also taking a unique approach to the royalties debate with its token dynamics, as platform users who choose to uphold creator royalties are rewarded with more of the token.

The utility and value of $BLUR to the platform’s users is yet to be seen. Token launches can do wonders for Web3 entities, but they must be properly navigated. 

About Blur Team

The team behind Blur is a group of experienced Web3 developers and entrepreneurs, led by co-founder and lead developer Pacman. Pacman has been involved in the blockchain space since the early days of Bitcoin, and has a strong background in software engineering.

The team includes designers, developers, and marketers, and is committed to creating a marketplace that caters to the needs of high-volume traders while making it easy for anyone to buy and sell NFTs.

One of the key strengths of the Blur team is its agility and ability to adapt to changing market conditions. They quickly developed a low-fee, fast transaction solution after noticing trader frustrations with high fees and slow transaction times on other NFT marketplaces.

The platform has received backing from reputable investors. In March 2022, Blur raised $11 million in a seed funding round led by Placeholder, with participation from NFX, Variant Fund, and others. 


The team behind the platform is dedicated to building a strong community around it, which they achieve through regular engagement with users and by implementing social sharing features such as "Collections." This community-driven approach has been well-received by users and has resulted in a strong social following for the platform.


What is the price of Blur today?

One Blur coin can currently be purchased for approximately $0.3937.

What is Blur smart contract address?

Blur official smart contract address is 0x5283D291DBCF85356A21bA090E6db59121208b44.

What is Blur official website?

The official website of Blur is

What is the Blur Market Cap today?

Blur Market Cap is $1,180,949,124 today.

What's the last 24h Blur trading volume?

Trading volume of Blur in the last 24h was $11,218.47, which is approximately 0.00% of its current market cap.

How much money is in Blur Liquidity Pool?

There is $2,884,586 in - Blur liquidity pools. That's approximately 0.24% of Blur current Market Cap.

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