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Turbo is a memecoin founded as an experiment in generative AI. The founder pledged to follow all the instructions of GPT-4 on how to create the next great memecoin and documented the whole journey.

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68,999,999,580 TURBO
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69,000,000,000 TURBO
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1 year ago


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About Turbo

All you need to know about Turbo token ($TURBO)

Turbo Token ($TURBO) is a unique addition to the meme coin universe. Its inception is rooted in the capabilities of GPT-4, a state-of-the-art AI language model. This AI-guided meme coin, symbolized by a futuristic toad mascot, was initiated with a modest budget of $69. The creation process was documented, showcasing the potential of AI-assisted projects in the cryptocurrency domain.

Key Points:

  • Turbo token ($TURBO) is a token created as an experiment, where the founder followed the exact steps GPT-4 advised to create the next great memecoin.
  • Starting budget for Turbo was only $69, but the project managed to establish popularity on Twitter while gaining millions in market capitalization.
  • Tokenomics of Turbo prioritizes fairness and a straightforward approach without taxes and scams.

What is $TURBO?

Turbo Token ($TURBO) is a meme coin guided by artificial intelligence and powered by community decisions. Created under the guidance of AI model GPT-4, it operates on the Ethereum blockchain.

Its unique features include tax-free transactions and renounced contract ownership, promoting a fair and inclusive environment. Its future direction is shaped by the community, reflecting its commitment to user engagement and shared decision-making.

The GPT-4 Experiment

The founder of the project pledged to follow all the advice GPT-4 gives him on how to build a successful memecoin starting only with $69. The whole experiment is being documented on the official Twitter account and has gathered significant attention.

Turbo Tokenomics: Designed for Fairness

Turbo Token has a total supply of 69 billion tokens, with a distribution model designed to prioritize fairness:

  • 60 billion tokens were obtained via crowdfunding
  • 9 billion tokens are held by the founder

Key aspects of Turbo Token's tokenomics include no taxes on transactions and a renounced contract ownership. These features aim to facilitate a fair distribution and create a conducive environment for investors.

Turbo Roadmap and Future Take

Turbo Token's development journey began in the second quarter of 2023. The initial stages focused on token development, creation of the smart contract, launching the website, and establishing a presence on social media.

The roadmap for the third quarter of 2023 and beyond remains open-ended, reflecting the coin's community-driven ethos. As Turbo Token evolves, its path is expected to be shaped by the community that supports it.

Keep in Mind

Please note that $TURBO is a meme coin and holds no intrinsic value. It is created purely for entertainment purposes and should be treated as such. 

Investing in $TURBO comes with a substantial risk of loss, and as with any cryptocurrency, never invest more than you can afford to lose. Always perform your own research and make informed decisions before participating in any crypto-related activities.


What is the price of Turbo today?

One Turbo coin can currently be purchased for approximately $0.0006.

What is Turbo smart contract address?

Turbo official smart contract address is 0xA35923162C49cF95e6BF26623385eb431ad920D3.

What is Turbo official website?

The official website of Turbo is

What is the Turbo Market Cap today?

Turbo Market Cap is $39,213,797 today.

What's the last 24h Turbo trading volume?

Trading volume of Turbo in the last 24h was $48,505.09, which is approximately 0.10% of its current market cap.

How much money is in Turbo Liquidity Pool?

There is $2,512,428 in - Turbo liquidity pools. That's approximately 6.41% of Turbo current Market Cap.

How many members does the Turbo Telegram channel have?

Turbo has 3,655 members on the @turbotoadtoken Telegram channel, which is 5.91% more than 30 days ago.

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