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ERC-20 DeFi Token featuring a reflection through tax system (2%) known as ARF (Automated Reflection Farming). Simply hold your tokens in your wallets to see the amount grow over time!

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99,321T HOKK
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100,000T HOKK
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3 years ago


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Telegram Members

About Hokkaidu Inu


Hokkaidu Inu, the rival of Shiba Inu, is staging a comeback with a clear mission: To reclaim its old glory in the eternal battle against Shiba Inu. Join us in reigniting the spirited rivalry of Inus, and recapture the excitement and camaraderie that once defined the HOKK vs. SHIB saga.

Vision Statement

Our vision for HOKK Classic is to reignite the former glory of Hokkaidu Inu and to reclaim its position in the forefront of the memecoin space, renewing its legendary rivalry with Shiba Inu. Inspired by the success
both coins achieved in 2021, we strive to not only revive Hokkaidu Inu, but to elevate it to new heights.

We envision a community-driven resurgence that fosters innovation, transparency, and resilience. By leveraging the strength of our community and drawing inspiration from the historical achievements of
Hokkaidu Inu, we aim to create an environment where the token not only thrives but also becomes a symbol of the enduring spirit of meme tokens.


The official name of our token is Hokkaidu Inu, ticker HOKK. However, to highlight our past and to distinguish ourselves from other tokens with similar names, we have adopted the name HOKK Classic for
our community revival project. Our mascot is the Hokkaido Inu dog.


What is the price of Hokkaidu Inu today?

One Hokkaidu Inu coin can currently be purchased for approximately $0.000000000015.

What is Hokkaidu Inu smart contract address?

Hokkaidu Inu official smart contract address is 0xC40AF1E4fEcFA05Ce6BAb79DcD8B373d2E436c4E.

What is Hokkaidu Inu official website?

The official website of Hokkaidu Inu is

What is the Hokkaidu Inu Market Cap today?

Hokkaidu Inu Market Cap is $1,533,480 today.

What's the last 24h Hokkaidu Inu trading volume?

Trading volume of Hokkaidu Inu in the last 24h was $8,674.05, which is approximately 0.60% of its current market cap.

How much money is in Hokkaidu Inu Liquidity Pool?

There is $129,163 in - Hokkaidu Inu liquidity pools. That's approximately 8.42% of Hokkaidu Inu current Market Cap.

How many members does the Hokkaidu Inu Telegram channel have?

Hokkaidu Inu has 297 members on the @hokkaiduinuofficial Telegram channel, which is 4.58% more than 30 days ago.

Hokkaidu Inu has 169 members on the @hokked_and_loaded Telegram channel, which is 2.42% more than 30 days ago.

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