Alpha right into your mailbox: Dominate the Market with These 7 Crypto Newsletters

Daniel Urbánek
Daniel Urbánek
May 12, 2023
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Beating the market requires the best quality info! Discover these essential Crypto newsletters, which provide accurate and hottest information right to your mailbox.

Newsletters, love them or hate them, ensure close contact between businesses and customers on a regular basis. Deciding who to let into your mailbox is crucial when filtering out key information, especially in a dynamic environment like crypto and Web3 in general. In this article, you will find a list of verified newsletters, that provide quality alpha information to help you stay updated in the markets.


  • Quality newsletters can save you a lot of time by providing valuable market research, new investment opportunities, and news
  • Look mainly for author credibility, popularity, consistency, and content relevance when choosing a newsletter to subscribe
  • The best choice for overall beginner-friendly information is The Milkroad and Bankless newsletter
  • For a closer look at DeFi, follow The Defiant, The Daily Degen, or Linn's Leverage

Why are Newsletters valuable?

Quality newsletters can save time and effort by curating the most relevant information and presenting it in a concise and digestible format. 

They provide timely information, expert analysis, and market insights necessary for informed decision-making. Given the rapid pace of the industry, staying updated with the latest trends, regulatory changes, and technological advancements is essential to maximize investment opportunities and minimize risks.

How to recognize quality?

Recognizing quality information and content can be no easy task. However, if you consider these basic criteria, you will be able to distinguish expert from noob content in no time.

  1. Credibility and expertise: Reliable newsletters are written or curated by experts with proven track records in the industry.
  2. Accuracy and objectivity: Top newsletters provide well-researched, accurate, and unbiased information to help readers make informed decisions.
  3. Content relevance and depth: Quality newsletters present key information in a general context without empty phrases and buzzwords.
  4. Presentation and readability: High-quality newsletters are well-structured, visually appealing, and easy to read, enabling readers to grasp complex concepts effectively.
  5. Frequency and consistency: Leading newsletters maintain a regular schedule, ensuring subscribers receive up-to-date information consistently.

Top Crypto Newsletters

Below you will find a list of newsletters, according to our choosing, for collecting recent and high-quality crypto information. Please note that the newsletters are not lined up in any particular order.

The Defiant

The Defiant is a well-known medium in the crypto space. They provide up-to-date information on crypto in general, but with a focus on DeFi (hence the name) and Web3. For a regular stream of information, you may choose from the following newsletters:

  • DeFi Daily - basic daily summary of the newest information from DeFi and Web3. Free subscription
  • DeFi Alpha - yield opportunities, airdrops, and more specific DeFi information. Requires premium subscription of 15 USD/month or 108 USD annually.
  • Weekly Recap - summary of the most important highlights of the whole week. Also requires a premium subscription

By subscribing to the Defiant premium, users get access to all paid newsletters and analytics terminal.

Linn's Leverage

Linn is writing about DeFi Alpha, Macro, and everything in between. According to her words, she may/probably will make you rich, but not financial advice.

Linns Leverage is the main free newsletter issued roughly every second day. It is easily readable with lots of tweets and fun commentary.

Paid subscribers also get access to Linn's Ledger, where Linn delves a bit more into DeFi detail. Contains early investment opportunities, portfolio updates, investment theory, and so on.

CoinDesk Newsletter

CoinDesk is another big name in the crypto journalism world. They offer a wide amount of crypto newsletters to choose from, with each one targeting different topics and customers. Here are the ones that caught our eye:

  • Crypto Long and Short - Written by an analyst Glenn Williams, provides weekly information on the state of the market for professional investors and crypto enthusiasts
  • The Node - CoinDesk staff curates this daily summary of crypto news and ideas.
  • The Airdrop - Weekly overview focused mainly on Web3 and Metaverse.

Bankless Newsletter

With over 296 K subscribers, the Bankless newsletter is a go-to option for a lot of crypto enthusiasts. Daily coverage of crypto news, analysis, DeFi Alpha, and emerging projects. Free of charge.

Coming from the popular journal and analytical platform Bankless, you surely will not make a mistake subscribing to this one. Content is written and curated by professionals with experience in the field, which suggests high information value.

The Milkroad

One of the most popular crypto newsletters the Milkroad has over 250 K subscribers. They provide a daily summary of the most important news in crypto in a witty and readable way. The cute design and well-arranged layout may also be part of the reason why Milkroad is so popular.

Daily Bolt by Revelo Intel

Revelo Intel focuses on bringing a clear structure to information management. They offer the following specific projects or topics, making the filtering easier.

A free update is issued every day, containing the analytical work of the Revelo Intel team. The newsletters may contain project analysis, news, notes from project/chain team calls, or podcast summaries.

The Daily Degen

The Daily Degen provides a free daily summary of the most crucial news, data, and alerts in the field of DeFi and macroeconomics. Full-time research condensed into a 5 min read. It has over 12 K subscribers. The content is readable, lightweight, and clear, with occasional memes.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, staying updated on the latest developments in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies is crucial for investors seeking to make well-informed decisions. Subscribing to top crypto newsletters can provide valuable insights, expert analysis, and market trends that help you navigate this dynamic landscape more effectively

By considering the factors discussed in this article and exploring the recommended newsletters, you'll be better equipped to stay ahead of the curve and maximize your investment opportunities.

Disclaimer: The content of this piece reflects the writer's opinion. This article is not intended to provide financial advice and is meant solely for entertainment and educational purposes. Investing in cryptocurrency involves significant risk. Capital is at risk, and returns are not guaranteed. Always conduct your own research.

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