Brains of Crypto: Chatting about Telegram Trading Bots with MoonBot

September 28 at 13:00
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Dive into CoinBrain's exclusive interview with MoonBot, the game-changing Telegram trade bot. Explore its features, vision, and impact on modern crypto trading.

In crypto, nnovations emerge at lightning speed. One such groundbreaking tool that's been making waves is MoonBot, a Telegram trade bot designed for the modern crypto trader.

CoinBrain sat down with Thomas Ambrosia, Head of Operations at Moonbot, for an exclusive interview to delve deep into the inner workings, vision, and aspirations of this revolutionary product. Join us as we explore MoonBot's journey, from its conception as a private tool to its current status as a beacon of speed, transparency, and efficiency in the crypto trading world.

Could you provide us with a brief overview of your project and background?

MoonBot is a Telegram trade bot, that allows crypto-traders to leverage both the desktop and mobile Telegram messaging application to trade cryptocurrencies on the ERC20 blockchain. MoonBot as a technology, has been under development for nearly a year and product improvement and development remains ongoing. The goal is to build a product that is known both by name and the advantages it provides the user. 

What are the core features of MoonBot, and what sets it apart as the best option? 

MoonBot was built from the ground up to be extremely competitive. Currently, there is very little available to the trader that can rival the speed by which crypto-transactions are executed using MoonBot. We would consider its speed a feature, despite the fact that it’s not command-driven. Recently, we had a user avoid a rug-pull from his MoonBot wallet, but not his Maestro wallet – the automatic frontrun of the rug command was carried out via MoonBot’s rug-pull protection. Other core features include copytrade, gas specification(s), MEV protection, and a plethora of other critical customizable trade parameters. Some customizable features are specific to copytrade, like ban token – for example, you don’t want to be copying another trader into a token that you already don’t have interest in.

Why should users opt for MoonBot over Uniswap? What advantages does it offer, and are there any associated risks?

MoonBot actually has less trade barriers than Uniswap. To execute trades on Uniswap, users must maintain a separate wallet, approve tokens, and expose themselves to the public mempool. All of these points place traders at disadvantage. MoonBot affords each user -for free- an incredibly fast Telegram trade bot and wallet in one package. Further, the MoonBot team operates three (3) private Ethereum nodes, which allow traders to send swap transactions to the blockchain unseen by the mempool; essentially cloaking themselves from MEV bots that look to frontrun their swaps. 

The most critical risk, and this is not MoonBot specific, is the security of one’s phone. The advantage MoonBot provides along with all other Telegram trade bots, is the ability to make trades on your phone – over Telegram. This really translates into ‘how secure is your phone’ and ‘are you taking the security of your device seriously?’ This means making sure that you have a pin active or facial recognition settings in place. With the introduction of mobile payment methods, mobile security should be everyone’s concern, not just those who use a Telegram trade bot for crypto trades.  

What distinguishes MoonBot from other similar bots like Banana Bot, UniBot, or Maestro Bot?

Easily Moonbot’s speed of transaction and swap execution. It’s pretty well-known and documented (by our communications team) that MoonBot’s speed far exceeds any of the Telegram trade bots mentioned above. From what we’re hearing from our users, the UI/UX is far more responsive and streamlined than others, as well.  As I mentioned above, many of the other Telegram trade bots on the market require steep monthly costs to access their most impressive builds; we don’t do that here at MoonBot. We don’t want to create more barriers than there needs to be – the space already has enough and the learning curve remains steep. We want traders to use MoonBot because it makes sense for them.

Another point I would like to touch on is our transparency at MoonBot. The crypto-markets are full of undoxxed ‘project teams’ that remain unclear in terms of who or how many ‘devs’ are behind any given project. The majority of MoonBot team members are doxxed. We believe it is necessary whenever building a legitimate product for this market, that the team be trustworthy and the first part of that journey is knowing who the team is, being able to look into their development history within the space.

Can you share your future roadmap with us?

Our roadmap is full of community requested and market expected updates. The most critical points of interest are sniping features, call channels, and a detailed trade monitor, and we expect to produce those very shortly – within the next week or two. Further down the line, we will add Telegram scraper support and users will be able to trade on multiple chains with their respective DEX integrations. Users can also expect the eventual create of a web application.

How large is your team, and how are you financing the development of MoonBot?

The team consists of two divisions, Operations and Development. The Operations Division consists of eight individuals that possess core competencies in communications, graphic design, web design, community moderation, operations and business development, and human capital management. 
The Development Division consists of three core developers with liberty to add additional developers when work or a specific skillset is necessary. On average, we operate with 12-14 individuals that carry out different functions related to the project. 

Another point we wanted to make at MoonBot was to instill the concept that a legitimate project doesn’t need to raise funds or milk their community via swap [buy/sell] taxes to be successful. We did not hold a private raise and further, we did not leverage taxes on the swapping of the project token MBOT. The entirety of MoonBot’s build and the execution of the project has been on the shoulders of the team in the form of financial support and/or ‘sweat value’.

What motivated you to create this product? What is your vision for its future?

MoonBot was originally created as a private tool for friends and family to better navigate the crypto markets. Months into development, the space started filling up with multiple Telegram trade bots – most of which, were white-label solutions that only offered clunky interfaces and questionable connectivity. A few Telegram trade bots made the ‘meta’ very promising, but they still lacked speed and transparency in terms of who is behind the build. It was at this time that we decided to pull together a trusted, efficient, and experienced web3 team to drive a truly remarkable product.

Ideally, we wish to see the increased expansion of our user base. Expanding the tools that MoonBot provides to each trader willing to use it, in efforts to become one of the most versatile and complete trading tools available. 

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