Brains of Crypto: With Tortle Ninja About The Future of DeFi & No-Code Platforms

February 10, 2023
Interview, Fantom

Get exclusive insights on Tortle Ninja, the revolutionary no-code DeFi tool transforming the trading world, with CEO Javi B. Thomas.

Welcome to our latest interview from the Brains of Crypto series. Today, we are here with the CEO of Tortle Ninja, the revolutionary new no-code decentralized financial tool that enables retail investors, fintech, and crypto enthusiasts to create combined DeFi strategies. 

Javi B. Thomas the CEO of Tortle Ninja is a DeFi NoCode DeFi programming language and execution engine, we just allow the creation of automated trading strategies.

Today, we will learn more about this exciting DeFi project, what the future holds, and the potential of no-code platforms and DeFi's road to mass adoption. 

So, grab your ninja gear and let's dive into the world of Tortle Ninja!

What inspired the creation of Tortle Ninja?

Two ideas: on the one hand, the concept of the composability of smart contracts seemed to be an enormously undervalued/unexplored field, it’s still; on the other, it is very important to have better experiences on DeFi, I mean better UX; as a DeFi user, I wasted a lot of time farming and swapping coins; but with Tortle Ninja, you can access complex products in an easy way.

I wanted to build the dapp I desired as a user and to explore the possibilities of composability, I believe it was the inspiration behind Tortle Ninja.

How can both whales and regular users benefit from your platform?

Well, for any user Tortle it’s a great way to productivize your whole portfolio. Whales can benefit from automations as well as regular users.

For whales, the platform provides a powerful tool to automate and optimize their DeFi strategies, which can help them to maximize their profits and minimize risk. Additionally, the platform's analytical tools allow them to evaluate their strategies and fine-tune them for better results.

For regular users, Tortle Ninja provides an easy-to-use and accessible way to get involved in DeFi. With the platform's visual programming language, anyone can create and execute DeFi strategies without needing to have technical expertise or access to expensive tools. The ability to reuse, clone, and fork strategies created by the community also means that regular users can benefit from the collective wisdom of the DeFi community, which can help them to maximize their profits and minimize risk.

What new features are you planning to introduce to the Tortle Ninja App in the near future?

A long-awaited mobile and simplified version for mobile users is now under development, we are about to finish it. Additionally, we are developing new combo triggers and trying to make it easier for any protocol to onboard on Tortle Ninja. Leveraged products and active liquidity are other areas of focus for us.

How do you think Tortle Ninja's no-code concept could potentially impact traditional finance?

We are currently in communication with banks, hedge funds, insurance, and trading organizations about its potentially enormous impact. I anticipate shortly having excellent news on that.

What benefits do you think no-code tools offer that make them so appealing?

Well, technology is always about lowering barriers of entry, and no-code tools are extremely important to help users creating software at scale. On Tortle Ninja we are watching different types of users, since DeFi experts to pure Degens creating/aping into different strategies Creating a platform that allows all kind of interactions with

What do you see as the biggest potential of decentralized finance?

DeFi can change almost everything around us. Value/money has been at the center of human relationships since their inception, and DeFi has the potential to create a huge revolution in how value works: how you can own it, store it, trade it, and do with it, while adding another layer, the incentive, which is still largely unexplored.

In the future, all value will be tokenized, and DeFi will be the backbone of all of that. There are some other ideas on DeFi that are still not correctly explained. DeFi is really different from traditional finances in terms of how it works; it does not mimic traditional finances, and that’s important.

How do you think the regulatory landscape will affect Defi and Tortle Ninja in the future?

Well, regulation will come, and I guess it will be a good thing. There is a huge opportunity for companies, users and regulators to come to innovation-oriented regulation. I hope they don't fail on it.

How do you think decentralized finance will evolve in the next five years?

5 years is like a century on DeFi; most of the ideas on DeFi didn't even exist in 2018. My best estimate is that it will be huge; it will create a new landscape that will swallow a huge part of the liquidity on traditional finance, just as software ate the world years ago because it was more efficient. Finance will be devoured by DeFi because it is far more efficient than traditional finance...

What other DeFi apps do you think are worth exploring and why?

Aside from Uni V3, Aave and Balancer, I love ODOS and their superouting, and GAMMA, to make use of Active Liquidity (Disclaimer: Working on that on Tortle as of the moment) and in general any project/team working on the bear market, requires strength. Best products are built on bear markets, and it’s no coincidence.

Disclaimer: The content of this piece reflects the writer's opinion. This article is not intended to provide financial advice and is meant solely for entertainment and educational purposes. Investing in cryptocurrency involves significant risk. Capital is at risk, and returns are not guaranteed. Always conduct your own research.

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