The Incredible Rise of $PEPE: Learn What's Next

Daniel Urbánek
Daniel Urbánek
May 02, 2023
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Catch up on the newest developments of the $PEPE meme token. Since its release, $PEPE has grown massively, making overnight millionaires. Investors struggle with low liquidity.

The crypto world has recently witnessed the explosive ascend of $PEPE, a meme coin inspired by the iconic Pepe the Frog, which has skyrocketed by 29,000% in just two weeks. Amidst the hype and excitement, early investors have seen their wealth multiply on paper, but cashing out has proven to be a challenge due to liquidity constraints. In this post, we take a closer look at the rapid rise of $PEPE.


  • $PEPE launched on 17. April and since then the price has gone up over 29 000 %
  • Early investors became millionaires over the course of two weeks
  • Holders face problems with insufficient liquidity when trying to cash out profits
  • Remarkable address dimethyltryptamine.eth bought 5.9T $PEPE, which is now worth roughly $5.67 million

Short $PEPE recap

Let's take a quick trip down memory lane: $PEPE is a memecoin inspired by the iconic Pepe the Frog, aiming to give dog-themed tokens a run for their money and claim the meme crypto throne. Launched under the radar and powered by meme enthusiasts, $PEPE is on a mission to showcase the true potential of a fun, fair, and transparent token.

With a token supply of 420,690,000,000,000 and a lighthearted nature, $PEPE has caught the attention of degens and speculators, resulting in a mind-blowing price action since the beginning. For more information on $PEPE visit the token page.

The Meteoric Rise and Liquidity Problems

Since its stealth launch on April 17th, the $PEPE token has been on a rocket ride to success. The community-driven project has attracted significant attention, with the token's value and trading volume increasing by 29 000 % in just two short weeks. The dedicated community behind $PEPE has been instrumental in spreading the word and supporting the project, propelling it towards meme supremacy.

The rapid rise has left early investors with impressive gains. Some of them have become millionaires over the course of two weeks. Those gains sure look amazing on paper, however, some problems emerged thanks to insufficient liquidity in the pool.

Now the biggest holders are unable to cash out their profits because of the low liquidity. Of course, the majority of the large holders have sold what they could before the liquidity stopped them.

Notable Holder Addresses to Watch 

  1. dimethyltryptamine.eth - This investor bought 5.9 trillion $PEPE with just 0.125 $ETH ($251) and then sold 2 trillion $PEPE for a staggering 560 $ETH ($1.06 million). They currently hold 3.9 trillion $PEPE, valued at $2.37 million. If they were to sell their entire holdings at the current price, the profit would amount to an astounding ~$5.67 million.
  2. 0xC32ad590D92db58931DcEDd99E10D077530ccaA9 - This holder bought 5.42 trillion $PEPE with 1 $ETH ($2,100), then sold 3.42 trillion $PEPE for 929 $ETH ($1.77 million). They still hold 2 trillion $PEPE, valued at $2.37 million. Selling all $PEPE at the current price would result in a profit of ~$4.14 million.
  3. 0xb698888650BbA2BBE44f11992241950e68b53145 - Another savvy investor who bought 4.22 trillion $PEPE with 2.3 $ETH ($4,822), then sold 3.22 trillion $PEPE for 670 $ETH ($1.3 million). They still hold 1 trillion $PEPE, valued at $1.18 million. Selling all $PEPE at the current price would yield a profit of ~$2.47 million.

Analytical Insights from CoinBrain

These analytical graphs should provide you with some clarity to make better investment choices about $PEPE. You can find the tools below and many more on the CoinBrain $PEPE token page.

$PEPE has some of its liquidity locked on a burn address, which acts as a prevention on that specific pool. Some other pairs with $PEPE also have locked liquidity, but the majority of the pools are unlocked, which means large holders can suddenly withdraw large amounts from the pools.

We can clearly see a decline in large holders and an increase in smaller ones. This could mean that the whales are slowly dumping their $PEPE on the market to be redistributed to smaller holders.

Most of the remaining large holders own between 0.2% to 1% of the total supply. There is one remaining whale (probably a developer team member), who owns more than 5%, which upon sale could seriously impact the price.

Twitter and Telegram followers seem to be rising tightly with the hype and bringing the price up with them. This could be a good thing because the price is unlikely to be the result of insider manipulation or fake accounts. Followers also could be an interesting indicator to determine the ATH of a project. Once the followers start to flatline, the hype is over.

What's next?

These are the most probable scenarios of what could happen next with $PEPE.

  • Scenario 1: Price goes to zero
    Meme coins can experience rapid price drops if the hype dies down or a more popular coin emerges. In this scenario, investors are left with worthless tokens and potential losses.
  • Scenario 2: Price stabilizes at a high level
    If $PEPE garners a loyal community and remains in the public eye, it could stabilize at a higher price level like DOGE or SHIB. This could benefit investors and lead to practical uses.
  • Scenario 3: Periodic price fluctuations
    Meme coins may experience cycles of rapid increases and sharp declines due to market shifts or influential figures. Investors in this scenario must be vigilant and responsive to market changes.
  • Scenario 4: Integration with real-world use cases
    Meme coins could evolve and find real-world applications, such as integration with DeFi platforms, gaming, or NFT marketplaces, gaining more legitimacy and stable prices.

The Bottom Line

The incredible rise of $PEPE has undoubtedly turned heads in the crypto community, however, it's essential to remember that it is a meme coin with no intrinsic value and should be treated as such. Investing in $PEPE comes with a substantial risk of loss, so always perform your own research and make informed decisions before participating in any crypto-related activities. 

Disclaimer: The content of this piece reflects the writer's opinion. This article is not intended to provide financial advice and is meant solely for entertainment and educational purposes. Investing in cryptocurrency involves significant risk. Capital is at risk, and returns are not guaranteed. Always conduct your own research.

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