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$PEPE is a memecoin inspired by the legendary Pepe the Frog, aiming to outshine dog-themed tokens and become the king of the meme crypto world.

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About Pepe

PEPE Has Arrived to Rule the Meme Token World

Step into the realm of $PEPE, the most memeable memecoin featuring the one and only Pepe the Frog! As dog-inspired tokens like Shiba Inu have had their moment, the stage is set for the internet's favorite amphibian to jump into the spotlight and claim its meme supremacy. Get ready for a hilarious, captivating, and meme-tastic adventure as we explore the recently launched $PEPE token.

Key Points:

  • $PEPE token is inspired by the iconic Pepe the Frog meme, aiming to dethrone dog-themed tokens and take the crown as the ultimate memecoin
  • With a stealth launch, no presale, zero taxes, and a burnt LP, $PEPE is truly a coin for the people, focused on transparency and fairness
  • PEPE's token supply is 420,690,000,000,000, and 93.1% of the tokens were allocated to the liquidity pool, while the remaining 6.9% is reserved for future growth
  • The $PEPE project has a three-phase roadmap, which includes listings, community partnerships, merchandise, and a variety of Pepe-themed tools

What is the $PEPE token?

PEPE token is a memecoin inspired by the legendary Pepe the Frog, aiming to outshine dog-themed tokens and become the king of the meme crypto world. Launched stealthily and fueled by the power of memes, PEPE is on a mission to make memecoins great again and show the crypto world the true potential of a fun, fair, and transparent token.

$PEPE Tokenomics

The tokenomics of PEPE are designed with simplicity and fairness in mind. The token supply is set at 420,690,000,000,000, with 93.1% of the tokens allocated to the liquidity pool. The LP tokens are burnt, and the contract is renounced, ensuring the coin's longevity and security. 

The remaining 6.9% is stored in a multi-sig team wallet, reserved for future centralized exchange listings, bridges, and liquidity pools. No taxes, no nonsense – just pure memetic power.

In points

  • Token supply: 420,690,000,000,000
  • 93.1% allocated to the liquidity pool
  • LP (Liquidity provider) tokens were burnt and the contract renounced
  • 6.9% stored in a multi-sig team wallet for future developments
  • No taxes, no nonsense – just pure memetic power

Future Plans for $PEPE

PEPE has an ambitious three-phase roadmap that aims to expand the ecosystem and bring more utility to the token. Phase 1 focuses on launch, listings, and growing the holder base. Phase 2 includes community partnerships, a token-gated Discord group, and CEX listings. Phase 3 unveils plans for Pepe-themed merch, Pepe Academy, Pepe Tools, and top-tier exchange listings, with the ultimate goal of flipping Bitcoin and achieving generational wealth for its holders.

Read our in-depth analysis of What's next for PEPE!

Keep in Mind

Please note that PEPE is a meme coin and holds no intrinsic value. It is created purely for entertainment purposes and should be treated as such. 

Investing in PEPE comes with a substantial risk of loss, and as with any cryptocurrency, never invest more than you can afford to lose. Always perform your own research and make informed decisions before participating in any crypto-related activities.



Is it possible to buy pepe on coinbase?

At this time it is now possible to buy $PEPE on Coinbase, as it is not listed. However, that does not exclude the possibility that $PEPE is going to be listed on Coinbase soon.

How to buy pepe on coinbase?

It is not possible at this time to buy $PEPE on Coinbase, as its not listed. You can either wait for Coinbase to list $PEPE, or use a decentralized exchange (DEX), such as PancakeSwap.

When is Binance gonna list pepe?

The CEO of Binance, CZ commented that if the demand continues to rise, Binance is willing to list PEPE. However, no one knows exactly when this is going to be.

How to buy pepe on binance?

Right now, PEPE is not listed on Binance and therefore cannot be bought there. However, Binance commented that if the demand is sufficient they are willing to list the token. 

How does $PEPE compare to other meme coins like Shiba Inu or Dogecoin?

The concept is similar - all these coins are inspired by internet memes and made just for fun. Dogecoin is a fork of Bitcoin and therefore has its own chain, Shiba Inu and Pepe on the other hand are just tokens on the Ethereum network.

How do I store my $PEPE tokens securely?

The best way to store $PEPE is to use a self-custodial wallet, like Metamask, or Trustwallet. Ideally, you want the wallet to be connected to a cold wallet (hardware wallet), like Ledger or Trezor.

Who are the developers behind the $PEPE project?

According to the official site, $PEPE has no formal developer team. The founder and members of the developer team decided to remain anonymous, as is the tradition in the crypto world.

What is the history and origin of the $PEPE token?

$PEPE launched stealthily on 17th of April and since then a massive hype has went down. The price of $PEPE has risen over 29 000 % in the first two weeks in its existence.

Are there any centralized exchanges listing $PEPE tokens?

Yes, there are several centralized exchanges, where you can trade $PEPE. Examples include OKX, MEXC,, Huobi, Bitget, Poloniex.

Are there any airdrops or giveaways for $PEPE tokens?

On this regard the best source would be the Pepe official twitter account. They occasionally announce airdrops for their community, but stay vigilant, because scams are pretty common regarding airdrops and giveaways.

How do I add $PEPE tokens to my wallet?

First you have to find and copy the correct pepe contract (0x6982508145454Ce325dDbE47a25d4ec3d2311933). Then you need to find a button in your wallet that adds tokens and paste the contract. If you open the profile of PEPE on CoinBrain, on the top left you will find the contract, as well as the button that says “Add to Metamask”. When you click that button, it will automaticall add PEPE to your metamask.

What wallets support $PEPE tokens?

Basically all wallets within the Ethereum ecosystem should support $PEPE tokens. If you do not see your tokens, you will need to add them manually by copying and pasting this contract address into your wallet settings (0x6982508145454Ce325dDbE47a25d4ec3d2311933). Alternatively you can open PEPE profile on CoinBrain, where you have a direct possibility of adding the contract to your metamask wallet.

What is the long-term vision of the $PEPE project?

The project has no legitimate long-term vision, only a joke roadmap that you can find on the official site. It is important to keep in mind that $PEPE has no intrinsic value and was created solely for fun.

Are there any lending platforms that support $PEPE tokens?

Some well-known decentralized exchanges, such as Uniswap and Pancakeswap offer trading pairs with $PEPE. Additionally, several centralized exchanges have already listed PEPE - those include OKX, MEXC,, Huobi, Bitget, Poloniex.

Is the $PEPE project audited by any third-party organizations?

No, so far, PEPE has not been audited by any kowledgable third-party organization

What is the price of Pepe today?

One Pepe coin can currently be purchased for approximately $0.00000543.

What is Pepe smart contract address?

Pepe official smart contract address is 0x6982508145454Ce325dDbE47a25d4ec3d2311933.

What is Pepe official website?

The official website of Pepe is

What is the Pepe Market Cap today?

Pepe Market Cap is $2,248,320,838 today.

What's the last 24h Pepe trading volume?

Trading volume of Pepe in the last 24h was $9,028,909, which is approximately 0.40% of its current market cap. That means Pepe has had relatively low trading activity in the past day.

How much money is in Pepe Liquidity Pool?

There is $60,776,663 in - Pepe liquidity pools. That's approximately 2.70% of Pepe current Market Cap.

How many members does the Pepe Telegram channel have?

Pepe has 55,096 members on the @pepecoineth Telegram channel, which is 3.16% less than 30 days ago.

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