Ultimate Guide to Farm Blast and 5 Other Airdrops in 10 Minutes

March 13 at 23:31
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Discover how to maximize cryptocurrency airdrops with a unique 6-in-1 farming strategy using Blast_L2, ThrusterFi, Juice_Finance, and BrahmaFi. Unlock lucrative rewards with this easy guide.

Ever dreamed of hitting the jackpot with cryptocurrency airdrops? Imagine not just stumbling upon one, but farming four lucrative airdrops with a single, smart investment. Welcome to the ultimate guide that turns this dream into a reality, ensuring your journey in the crypto space is not just about luck, but a well-crafted strategy.

Diving into the world of airdrops can often feel like navigating a labyrinth. However, our 10-minute guide simplifies the complexity, breaking down a unique 6-in-1 farming tactic. Using one pool of liquidity, you'll unlock the potential to farm airdrops from Blast_L2, ThrusterFi, Juice_Finance, and BrahmaFi, maximizing your rewards while keeping hassle to a minimum.

Depositing Funds on Blast

Kicking off your journey to farm airdrops starts with a critical move: depositing funds on Blast. Doing so unlocks the initial door to your airdrop farming adventure. It's imperative to ensure your funds safely land where they belong, paving the way for lucrative opportunities that lie ahead.

For depositing, you have a trio of pathways each tailored to meet diverse needs and preferences. Here's a breakdown:

  1. The official bridge stands as the traditional route.
  2. Router Nitro offers a faster, cost-effective alternative.
  3. Orbiter emerges as another option, diversifying your choices.

Choosing the right method hinges on what you value most: speed, cost, or familiarity. Each route, from the directness of Blast’s official bridge to the efficiency of Router Nitro, and the variety offered by Orbiter, ensures your funds are deposited safely and swiftly. Select wisely to align with your investment strategy and airdrop farming goals.

Creating a Console in Brahma

Embarking on the journey to farm airdrops through Brahma begins by navigating to their console platform. This initial step is your gateway to a streamlined process designed for both beginners and seasoned users.

Once you land on the Brahma Console's onboarding page, you'll embark on creating your new console. Start by giving your console a unique name that resonates with your investment journey. Next, you'll proceed to create a new 'Safe,' which acts as your secure hub for transactions within Brahma.

Finalizing the setup of your console is a significant step that involves signing to confirm account creation. While this action solidifies your presence within the Brahma ecosystem, it might come with a small fee, typically around $2. This nominal cost is a small investment towards securing your future airdrops efficiently.

Depositing Assets into the Console

Kicking off your investment journey with the newly minted console? You've got options. Primarily, you can deposit WETH, or USDB. However, leaning towards WETH might be your best bet. Remember, keeping a stash of WETH aside for those inevitable transaction fees is a smart move.

Why lean on WETH for your initial deposit? It's simple. These options not only streamline the investment process but also align well with most digital wallets. Quick tip: Aim for a deposit north of $1,000. This isn't just a random number. Crossing this threshold wakes up the opportunity to start collecting Blast gold courtesy of Brahma.

How does one go about it? Follow these steps:

  1. Choose your deposit flavor - WETH, or USDB.
  2. Ensure your deposit is $1,000 or more to unlock earning potentials.
  3. Don't forget to reserve some ETH for transaction costs.

By sticking to this roadmap, you’re not only securing your position but are also setting the stage for lucrative returns.

Connecting Juice and Brahma

To combine the power of Juice and Brahma in your yield farming endeavors, start by connecting to Juice. The platform is designed to be intuitive, ensuring you can seamlessly initiate the process. It's about enhancing your investment strategy with smart decisions, all from the convenience of Juice's user-friendly interface.

Next, leverage WalletConnect to securely copy your wallet address. This step is crucial as it bridges your digital identity between platforms without compromising on security. WalletConnect acts like a digital handshake, making sure that the connection is secure and your address is accurately copied, paving the way for a safer experience in DeFi farming.

Finally, with your address securely copied, it's time to connect decentralized applications (dApps) in Brahma using the copied address. This connection is the key to unlocking a diverse range of farming opportunities across platforms, ensuring that your investment can grow in multiple environments. It's a straightforward process that significantly expands your yield-farming horizon.

Deposit WETH in Juice

To boost your yield farming with airdrops, Juice is your go-to platform. Start by clicking on the 'Borrowers' tab once you're in. This is where you'll specify how much ETH you're comfortable leaving as your safety net. It’s your collateral, the backbone of your venture into more fruitful yields.

The next step involves creating a sub-account. This might sound technical, but it's really just a matter of a few clicks. Think of it as setting up a new profile under your main account which will specifically manage your WETH collateral. Simple, right?

Finally, it's time to bring your ETH into the limelight by converting it to WETH directly within Juice. This is achieved through a series of transactions originating from Brahma. Sign off on these, and voilà, your WETH is now neatly tucked away as collateral. Remember, each step here is a stairway to potentially tripling your yield through airdrops.

Borrow USDB from Juice

Venturing into the world of digital farming starts with smart moves, one of which is borrowing USDB from Juice. You can use your assets as collateral to secure a loan in USDB. Remember, the key here is moderation - borrowing more than double your collateral's value could steer you towards the choppy waters of liquidation.

Why should you stay under that double collateral threshold? It's all about minimizing risk while maximizing your farming potential. By keeping your borrowed amount sensible, you not only avoid the headache of potential liquidation but also maintain a comfortable space to navigate through market volatility.

Here's an insider tip: More borrowing means more points. But how can you optimize this? Aim to borrow smartly, considering your ability to manage the loan effectively without overextending. This balance is crucial for expanding your yield without putting your digital assets at unnecessary risk.

Deposit USDB in Thruster Farm

Kicking off your journey to tripling your yield begins with a simple first step: selecting a farm on Thruster. Whether it’s the ETH/USDB pair or you’re leaning towards Spot ETH, both paths lead to potential prosperity. By adding liquidity here, you're not just participating; you're setting the stage for something greater.

Depositing USDB in Thruster Farm unlocks the door to a realm where earning on multiple protocols isn't just possible; it's within reach. Imagine this process as laying down a fertile ground where your investments can flourish, not just in one, but across various growing fields.

The cherry on top? Earning Blast Gold. This isn't just any reward; it's the golden ticket to enhancing your farming efficiency. By being proactive and adding liquidity, you're not merely investing; you're essentially gearing up to farm on steroids, with Blast Gold magnifying your yield potential.

Earn Additional Points with Brahma and Compatible Protocols

Boosting your earnings in the world of decentralize finance (DeFi) can be simpler than you think. Start by depositing an amount over $1,000 in applications compatible with Brahma, such as Protocol Ring, Orbit Protocol or BladeSwap. The key here is making your assets work smarter for you, not harder.

To get everything set up, use Wallet Connect to link your accounts safely and seamlessly. Once your wallet is connected, deposit your assets into the platform. This small step opens up a vast field of farming opportunities, enabling you to dive deeper into the world of DeFi earnings.

Don't stop there! Exploring alternative protocols can further amplify your yield farming success. Each protocol comes with its unique features and rewards, making it worth your while to investigate and diversify your investment. Remember, the broader your investment field, the more chances you have to watch your earnings grow.


The realm of yield farming and airdrop collection isn't just for the brave-hearted. It's for the smart thinkers, the strategy crafters who understand that with the right moves, the digital world's riches are theirs for the taking. You now hold the map to a treasure yet unclaimed by many, a guide that positions you steps ahead in the race towards financial prosperity.

But remember, the voyage doesn't end here. Each step you've taken is the foundation for future explorations in the vast and ever-changing landscape of decentralized finance. With the guidance shared, you're not just walking away with a strategy; you're stepping forward with confidence, ready to navigate through storms and sunshine. Here's to your success in tripling your yield, and may your journey be as rewarding as the treasures you seek to find.

Disclaimer: The content of this piece reflects the writer's opinion. This article is not intended to provide financial advice and is meant solely for entertainment and educational purposes. Investing in cryptocurrency involves significant risk. Capital is at risk, and returns are not guaranteed. Always conduct your own research.

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