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Mastering CoinBrain: How to Discover Hidden Gems

CoinBrain is a next-gen technical and fundamental analysis platform. Easily analyze data from millions of coins across 9 major blockchain networks and discover the next 100X gem.

With thousands of new coins and tokens being created every day, it is becoming increasingly harder for investors to keep track of all the information. Welcome to CoinBrain, a next-gen easy analytics platform. Our goal is to take the information overload from on-chain data and transform it into easily understandable insights that you can apply in your trading.

Conducting analysis and security checks is important in identifying emerging projects with high upside potential. In this guide, we will have a closer look at CoinBrain and examine the ways you can use it to gain an edge in the crypto market.


  • On CoinBrain users can easily analyze millions of coins across all the major blockchain networks.
  • Each coin has its own profile with a general overview, safety check, holders, and community analysis. Everything to evaluate a coin neatly in one place.
  • For discovering the hottest investment opportunities you can filter coins based on their age, trading volume, or number of transactions.
  • Developers and project owners can use our free embedded widgets with coin information, swapping features, or chart view.
  • CoinBrain Trade allows you to swap on all DEXs at once by finding the cheapest and most efficient route. You will also get an additional security check.

What is CoinBrain

CoinBrain is a next-gen analytics platform that simplifies the process of discovering hidden gems for crypto traders. By analyzing millions of transactions and signals in real time, CoinBrain combines traditional and alternative data sources to help you pinpoint undervalued coins or tokens with growth potential.

The platform's user-friendly dashboards present data reports and essential insights for trading on all the main blockchain networks. We only access on-chain data from DEXs, so they might differ slightly from other sources.

Who is CoinBrain for?

CoinBrain can be of value to anyone who is interested in crypto and Web3. We specialize in catering to risk-conscious crypto traders, who search for the hottest market opportunities in the field. Finding these hidden opportunities or “gems” as they are sometimes called can be quite difficult because they generally have low publicity and almost no audience.

CoinBrain helps you discover these gems early on way before the mass public even takes note of them.

The Search for High-value Hidden Gems

Discovering undervalued projects early on is no easy task. We have to do a fair share of filtering and digging in order to get to the good bits. That is why we will walk you through the whole process and show you all the tools you will need on your journey. Once you have mastered the basics, you may then repeat and perfect the process over time to get even better results.

Sorting out Shitcoins and Quality Projects

Our journey starts by very roughly separating our potential “quality” projects from thrashy shitcoin projects. We will begin on the CoinBrain homepage, where you have the option to filter coins based on different criteria like age, market cap, price, liquidity, and so on.

Since we are looking for undervalued projects, it is best to start with new ones. We will select coin age of up to one month. Minimum of 1K trades within 24h range and volume between $1M and $10M.

The filtering yielded 2 projects that are less than a month old and pose significant liquidity and trading volume. Chances are that these two projects may have a strong upside potential.

If you want to extend the search to even more undervalued tokens, you can lower the liquidity and volume expectations. Do note, however, that you are always at higher risk when speculating on lower-cap projects.

An alternative way of finding new tokens is to use the “Explore” section. Hover over the Explore section on the top left menu. From there select which category of coins you want to examine. We sort coins by Trending, Release date, Top Gainers and Top Losers.

After you find the coins that you like, you can easily monitor them all at once by adding them to your Watchlist. By doing so you will have a personal database of coins that have the potential of becoming the next 100X gems.

Analyzing Specific Coins

Once you find suitable coins that are worth further research it is time to visit their profile. You can do so directly by clicking on the coin in the list or search results. Examining the coin profile will help you evaluate the price, security, community, and holders of the project.

Let's have a look at Polygon ($MATIC):

From the “Overview” section we can see that Polygon is an Ethereum scaling solution with a significant market cap. Links to various social media are also a good sign! By looking at our Key Metrics we will find the basic information about price, market cap, volume, supply, and so on.

When analyzing speculative assets with low market cap, always check the liquidity section. Liquidity tells us how easily the asset can be bought or sold on the market. If the liquidity is insufficient, you could be unable to buy the asset, or in the worst case unable to sell it.

Next to the liquidity pools, you will find a lock symbol - this indicates if the liquidity pool has some locked liquidity. For traders, it is beneficial to have at least some locked liquidity because it ensures that they can always trade the asset without getting rugpulled.

This would be a good time to conduct some technical analysis using the integrated price chart. Technical analysis is far out of the scope of this article, so please check out our Traders 101 Guide to find out how to analyze the price chart and patterns for future price estimation.

Pro tip: For monitoring and technical analysis of multiple coins at once use the CoinBrain Multichart. This handy tool allows you to monitor up to 16 coins on a single screen!

Coin Security Check

In the first step, we roughly filtered out the coins that could potentially be scams or just low-quality projects. Now we assess the security of the token more thoroughly by looking at its Safety Check.

This list tells us if the coin is safe to invest in by going through the major red flags and checking their presence in the project.

The yellow icon means that the particular aspect could be potentially dangerous, but generally is not a big deal. What you want is to avoid any situation with a red icon.

  • Honeypot - Scammer strategy using a funded wallet as bait in order to steal users' funds.
  • Buy/Sell Tax - For every trade with that particular token, you are charged a percentage of the transaction as a tax.
  • Creator owns >5% of liquidity - The creator owning a substantial part of the total supply is never a good sign. It puts the price and liquidity into a vulnerable position for sell-offs and rug pulls.

After you are certain of the coin's security, it is also a good idea to check your wallet for any suspicious approvals. Approval is your wallet's agreement to transact with a particular token - spending of every token must be approved.

By plugging your wallet into our Approval Checker you will get a list of all the approvals that you have ever granted without even knowing. This security feature could be a first line of defense against unauthorized movements on your wallet.

Who Holds the Coin?

Up next we will have a look at the future prospects of any token by analyzing its holders. Coinbrain offers a Holder analysis board where you will find useful data and trendlines.

What can we say about a project by analyzing its holders:

  • All holders' rising trend line indicates increasing interest and adoption of the project - bullish
  • A rapidly decreasing number of large holders in more developed projects could mean a lack of trust in the project's future - bearish
  • On the other hand with rapidly developing new projects, the decrease of large holders and rise of overall holders is a good sign - bullish
  • A small percentage of addresses hold a big part of the total supply. The project could be prone to market manipulation or vulnerability to "whale" sell-offs - bearish
  • Big accumulation of the token by whales signals positive sentiment - bullish
  • A very sudden and rapid increase in holders on a day-to-day basis may also be a result of market manipulation - bearish

Analyzing Community and Hype

Our last stop on the analytical journey will be on the Community Analysis tab. Here we verify that people are actually interested in the project and the public space has its attention focused on it. What better way to do this than to look at the website traffic and social media engagement?

These trendlines are very straightforward. The rising trend of attention on any web or social media indicated high interest and therefore upside price potential. On the other hand, the trendline may be stagnating or decreasing in periods of economic downturn - bear market/accumulation.

Changes in the web or social traffic trend may be one of the first indicators of sentiment reversal. In other words, monitoring online traffic may very well provide you with first-hand signals for incoming price change.

However, bear in mind that a sudden increase in traffic despite cold market conditions may be also caused by bought followers or bots. In this case, we advise you to stay away from the project as it uses dishonest practices.

Purchasing Coins

Now that we have evaluated our coin from multiple angles and metrics, it is time to make the first trade. To make your process more convenient we have integrated trading functionality directly into the CoinBrain interface. You can access it either in the main menu under the “Trade” section or directly in the Coin profile

CoinBrain Trade works like a DEX aggregator - it gathers data from major DEXs like Curve, Uniswap, 0x, Oasis, Balancer, and others. It supports all the major EVM chains - BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Celo, Fantom, Avalanche, and Base. It's like finding the best deal when you shop – it automatically picks the cheapest and quickest way to trade your cryptocurrencies.

Also, before you make any trade, CoinBrain also checks if the cryptocurrency is safe to trade. If it finds something suspicious, it warns you to keep you safe. So, using CoinBrain Trade, you can trade your cryptocurrencies in a way that's fast, cheap, and safe.

How to trade:

  1. To exchange tokens, you have two options: either visit the CoinBrain Trade section directly or use the trade widget available on each coin's profile page on our site.
  2. Connect and unlock your crypto wallet (such as Metamask) in the top right menu.
  3. After unlocking your wallet, the next step is to pick the token you want to swap. The "From" input is for the token you currently have and want to exchange. The "To" input is for the token you want to get after the swap is done.
  4. We also check the safety of each token you select. If we see anything strange, we'll show a warning. This way, you can double-check the token and decide if you want to continue.
  5. Once you're sure about your choices and have entered the correct amount, hit "Swap". Before confirming, you'll see a summary with important info like transaction fees and estimated price impact.
  6. Approve the spending of the asset in your wallet and sign the transaction.
  7. Congrats! Your swap is complete! Now you can either add the new coin to your wallet (like Metamask) or track the transaction on BSCScan, Etherscan, or similar websites!

Supported Chains

In the Chains section of the “Explore” tab, you can view all the chains that CoinBrain supports. After selecting an individual chain that you want to examine, a chain profile will be displayed. In this profile, you can conduct a fundamental analysis of whole chains in a similar way you would with particular coins.

You will find information, such as the number of daily transactions, active addresses, unique addresses, and top trending coins on that chain. The profile of each chain also contains its comprehensive description to help you with a deeper understanding.

Hot news: CoinBrain is now one of the first platforms to offer you the analysis of tokens on Base chain.

CoinBrain Blog

CoinBrain Blog is the place for crypto education and news. Our goal is to help you advance on your journey to becoming a seasoned crypto investor or trader. In order to make informed decisions you first have to gather the information and CoinBrain Blog is exactly the place for it. The articles are written in an engaging, beginner-friendly manner without unnecessary technical jargon.

We cover a wide range of topics from security, through innovative blockchain applications to the newest trends of the crypto and Web3 world.

CoinBrain Dictionary

On CoinBrain Dictionary you will find crypto terms and phrases explained clearly. We make even the most technical topic straightforward and accessible. The dictionary may be a great place to start if you are just beginning to research crypto and need some help dialing in the basics. A strong foundation always yields great rewards!

Widgets and Dev Tools

One of the popular features of CoinBrain are embedded widgets. CoinBrain offers several types of widgets with price charts, currency conversion, trading interfaces, and others that you can display on your website for free!

Simply choose the type of widget you want to display and configure the visual settings on the left side of the screen. After you are happy with the widget click “Copy Embed Code” and paste it into the source code of any website.

With the embedded Trade Widget your users will be able to conduct secure and efficient coin swaps directly on your web! Pretty neat huh?

Public API

CoinBrain’s application programming interface (API) allows anybody to access data from more than 3.000.000 tokens on multiple chains for free. You can readily connect your service and leverage our live data feed.

The current version of CoinBrain API supports 2 endpoints for Ethereum and BNB chain coins. You can access the entire coin info and trade history.

Telegram and Discord Price Bots

Brian, our free price bot is available to work for you on both Telegram and Discord! He provides your users with real-time information on cryptocurrency prices, coin market caps, and more. With Brian, you can track the latest news and trends in the crypto world and stay up to date with the latest prices.

Disclaimer: The content of this piece reflects the writer's opinion. This article is not intended to provide financial advice and is meant solely for entertainment and educational purposes. Investing in cryptocurrency involves significant risk. Capital is at risk, and returns are not guaranteed. Always conduct your own research.

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