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We’re All Gona Make It!

WAGMI is an acronym that stands for “We Are Gonna Make It” and is commonly used in the cryptocurrency world.

It is used by cryptocurrency traders and investors as a rallying cry and a show of confidence that the market will eventually turn in their favour. The term has also been used as a rallying cry for those in the cryptocurrency space who are struggling financially, as a reminder that they will eventually “make it” if they continue to work hard and stay the course. 

It is a way to show confidence and optimism in the market and encourage those who are struggling with their investments.

Key Takeaways

  • WAGMI originates from Aziz Shavershian (Australian fitness trainer).
  • The phrase has gained popularity in the crypto world after being.
  • It is a way to show confidence and optimism in the market and encourage those who are struggling with their investments. 

Origin of WAGMI

The popular crypto meme WAGMI actually originated outside of the crypto world, as revealed by Statelayer, an anonymous advisor of the NFT swapping platform Sudoswap. 

The phrase was originally made popular by Aziz 'Zyzz' Shavershian, an Australian fitness sensation who posted content on and 4chan around 2010. In a video, Shavershian encouraged young men to transition from 'sad cunts' to 'sick cunts' and to 'not give a fuck' in order to 'make it'. His brash style made him a controversial figure, but his slogan inspired many young men to improve their physical health. 

Sadly, Shavershian died in 2011 after suffering a heart attack in a sauna in Thailand at the age of 22. After his passing, his personality cult continued to develop and tribute videos referring to him as an angel has gained millions of views. How the phrase eventually made its way to the crypto world is unclear, but it is likely that the influx of new participants from this subculture brought the meme with it.


WAGMI is a phrase that has become popular in the cryptocurrency space. It is a rallying cry for traders and investors to stay the course and remain confident in the market.

The phrase originated from Aziz Shavershian and his brash style of motivating young men to improve their physical health. Despite his death in 2011, his legacy has lived on and his phrase has been adopted by the crypto community.


What means NGMI?

NGMI means “not going to make it” and it’s typically used by online traders or investors to comment on major bad news or events that affect their portfolios.

What means GMI?

GMI stands for "Going to Make It", and is used in the online trading world to express solidarity and support towards other investors after positive news related to their investments. 

What are some other words in crypto slang?

There are several slang words and abbreviations in the crypto world. Some examples are: 
GM = Good Morning, Fren = Friend, DYOR = Do Your Own Research, FUD = Fear or Uncertainty and Doubt or ALPHA = Insider knowledge or intel.

Disclaimer: The content of this piece reflects the writer's opinion. This article is not intended to provide financial advice and is meant solely for entertainment and educational purposes. Investing in cryptocurrency involves significant risk. Capital is at risk, and returns are not guaranteed. Always conduct your own research.

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