WEEKLY VESTING Feb 26 to Mar 04 - Over $9M for $ECOx Investors, $1INCH, $CO and $CQT

Daniel Urbánek
Daniel Urbánek
February 26 at 05:00
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Welcome back to our weekly report on major token unlocks. This week's spotlight will see a 4% unlock of $ECOx supply and, 3.7% $CO unlock together with $1INCH and $CQT.

🔒 Interesting Token Unlocks This Week:

  • $ECOx - 4% of the total supply will enter circulation on Feb 28th at 00:00.
  • $CO - 3.7% of the total supply will enter circulation on Feb 28th at 00:00.
  • $1INCH - 2.5% of the total supply will enter circulation on Mar 1st at 00:00.
  • $CQT - 2.2% of the total supply will enter circulation on Mar 1st at 00:00

Eco Network  - $ECOx Token Unlock

$ECOx is a reserve and governance token powering the Eco network, which focuses on creating a digital-native currency for sharing and saving monetary value. Eco is trying to build a payment product that will improve on both traditional and cryptocurrency infrastructure.

Eco is approaching a vesting event on February 28, 2024, that will significantly impact the circulating supply. Investors will see 36,250,020 tokens unlocked, which will lead to a 3.63% increase in available tokens, while the team will receive 3,805,076 tokens, amounting to a 0.38% increase in circulation. These unlocks are valued at approximately $9.07 million and $951.7 thousand respectively.

Corite - $CO Token Unlock

Corite ($CO) is a blockchain-based music platform that aims to democratize the music industry by allowing fans and artists to collaborate in the production and promotion of music. The platform operates on a "Play to Earn" model, where fans can invest in music projects and earn rewards based on the success of the songs they support.

On February 28, 2024, the Corite ($CO) platform is set to unlock a variety of tokens allocated to different groups, resulting in an increase in the circulating supply. Advisors are expected to receive 7,000,000 tokens, contributing to a 1.4% rise in supply. The Ecosystem allocation will release 7,125,570 tokens, also increasing the supply by 1.43%. Artist Incentives are due 1,875,000 tokens, accounting for a 0.38% increase, while the Engage to Earn program will introduce an additional 2,499,960 tokens into circulation, marking a 0.5% increase.

1INCH - $1INCH Token Unlock

1inch Network is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project that focuses on providing users with the most efficient trading routes across multiple platforms. Their key offering is the 1inch Aggregation Protocol, which scours the DeFi market for the best cryptocurrency prices and pools them on one platform. The $1INCH token operates as both a governance and utility token within the 1inch Network.

On March 1, 2024, 1Inch Network ($1INCH) is poised for a significant token release, impacting various stakeholders. Notably, Backers 1 will receive 7,708,395 tokens valued at approximately $3,725,677, accounting for a 0.51% rise in circulating supply. Core Contributors are allocated 9,375,075 tokens, worth about $4,531,229, increasing supply by 0.63%. Collectively, this round of token unlocks will inject an additional 2.36% into the circulating supply, summing up to an estimated value of over $14.9 million.

Covalent Network - $CQT Token Unlock

The Covalent Query Token ($CQT) powers the Covalent Network, which is a blockchain data analytics platform offering granular, comprehensive, and historical data through a single API. $CQT is used for governance, allowing token holders to vote on proposals, as well as for staking and securing the network, where validators earn fees for their services.

On March 1, 2024, Covalent Query Token ($CQT) will have a release of tokens across various allocation groups:

  1. Advisors are set to receive 833,340 tokens valued at $231,964.23, which will increase the circulating supply by 0.08%.
  2. The Reserve allocation is releasing 12,183,750 tokens with a value of $3,391,406, contributing to a 1.22% increase in circulating supply.
  3. The Ecosystem group will have 4,255,400 tokens unlocked worth $1,184,511, resulting in a 0.43% supply increase.
  4. Team members are allocated 2,992,452 tokens, equivalent to $832,963.57, increasing the circulating supply by 0.3%.
  5. Staking rewards will amount to 1,509,440 tokens valued at $420,159.95, a 0.15% increase in circulating supply.

In total, these unlocks will add 2.18% to the circulating supply of $CQT, amounting to a combined value of approximately $6,060,005.70

Honorable Mentions:

  • Bitmex Token ($BMEX) - Mar 1st unlocking 1.5% to “Employee incentives” and “Long Term Reserves
  • Wootrade Network ($WOO)- Feb 28th unlocking 0.5% to multiple vesting groups.
  • Bware ($INFRA) - Feb 29th unlocking 0.42% to "Protocol Incentives"

About Vesting and Token Unlocks

Both traditional finance and Web3 emerging projects often issue a share of tokens or stocks to their shareholders. These shareholder groups can for example be the developer team, founders, advisors, and so on.

Tokens issued for shareholder groups and other use cases are often not available immediately after launch - instead, they are locked for a specified amount of time (vesting) and released into circulation according to a predetermined schedule.

Token Unlocks refer to the moments when these vested tokens become accessible or "unlocked."

Learn how to use token unlocks in trading and investing here: Track Token Unlocks & Vesting Schedule of 200+ Cryptocurrencies with CoinBrain!

Disclaimer: The content of this piece reflects the writer's opinion. This article is not intended to provide financial advice and is meant solely for entertainment and educational purposes. Investing in cryptocurrency involves significant risk. Capital is at risk, and returns are not guaranteed. Always conduct your own research.

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